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About Us

We are specializing in refrigeration parts.
Now we have 3 factories in China, manufacturing different kinds of refrigeration parts. First one is manufacturing condensers and evaporators. Second one is  copper filter driers, accumulators and access valves,Third one is insulation tube.
With the idea of "Best Products, Best Price and Best Services", our company spares no efforts to achieve the target of "Being the best one.

Main Products

Product Description
Main Materials: Plain steel tubes4.76mmX0.71mm, 6.35mmX0.71mm
Steel Plate: 0.3MM----0.5MM
Structure: Steel tubes welded with Steel Plates.
Painting: Electrophoretic Painting(Black)
Packing: Standard cartons, each piece separated by packing papers.
Product Description
FNS and FNV series used Internal rotor motor with 6 pole; FN series can choose Axial motor or external rotor motor according to the customer's requires.
Coils with Copper tubes and Aluminum
R22, R134A, R404A Refrigerant are available ...

Refrigeration Copper Filter Drier
Product Description
Copper filter dryer, Refrigeration Part, copper strainer, refrigerator part, freezer part, refrigerator filter drier
It is for refrigerator, freezer, and air conditioning use, compressor units use.
5gr, 9gr, 10gr, 12gr, 15gr, 20gr, 30gr, 45gr ...