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Functions of capacitor

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Our company Jinan Retekool Inc is one professional capacitor manufacturer in china with good quality and competitive price for many years,we export capacitor too many countries.Wish more and more customers will know us and cooperate with us.

We have CBB65 series,CBB60 series,CBB61 Series,CD60 starter capacitor,CBB80 lamp compensation capacitor,CBB66 lamp capacitor,Generator capacitor,CBG track capacitor.

What is the Functions of capacitor? Capacitor is used for air conditioning,compressor,cold dryer or other single-phase power supply system asynchronous motor and three phase  asynchronous single phase power supply,apply to water pump,washing mashine,smoke lampblack machine,refrigerator,fan,blower.

1.in general, the case where the capacitor is used is the start of the single-phase motor. This capacitor is also called the starting capacitor. From the circuit principle, it plays the role of phase shifting.Because a single-phase motor has only one set of running windings, the rotor is squirrel-cage, single-phase electric cannot generate a rotating magnetic field, and another set of starting windings is needed to match. Because there is only a single-phase 220 VAC, it is connected in series on the starting winding a capacitor.The role of the capacitor in the circuit: It has the characteristics of blocking DC, connecting AC, and preventing low frequency. It is widely used in coupling, DC blocking, bypass, filtering, tuning, energy conversion and automatic control.the capacitor has charge and discharge characteristics and prevents the passage of DC current, allowing the ability of AC current to pass.

2.In refrigerator,there is one start and run capacitor,In fact, it is used for phase shift operation of single-phase motors. Buffering, protecting electrical appliances.

3.The air conditioning capacitor is a device that activates the motor. If the motor does not rotate after being energized, it means that the capacitor is broken. Once the capacitor is damaged, the air conditioner will not work properly. Therefore, the capacitor is a very important device for air conditioning. The method of checking whether the capacitor is damaged can be measured by the ohmmeter of the pointer type multimeter. If the deflection of the pointer is relatively large, it means that the capacitor has been damaged, and the capacitor of the air conditioner needs to be replaced in time.

CD60 starter capacitor mainly used to high torque motor start.

CD60 Phenolic aldehyde resin shell start capacitor connect to PTC 

Original.Electronic relay switch and electronic centrifugal switch,replace the traditional mechanical centrifugal switch.

CBB80 Lamp compensation capacitor with inner discharge resistance and overheat,overcurrent protection device.product safe and reliable.

If have any interest,please contact to us at any time,we could produce according to the drawing or sample supplied by clients,also can help the clients design and produce different models of capacitor.

Welcome any clients requirement. 

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