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How To Install The Refrigerator Condenser

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Usually, we rarely see the refrigerator condenser, because generally our refrigerator condenser is hidden, but sometimes we can still see the refrigeration condenser. Most refrigerators now have the condenser installed in the two sides of the refrigerator, so that when the refrigerator's compressor is operating, the condensers on both sides can immediately dissipate heat, which is more convenient and convenient. However, in fact, in past old refrigerators, the condenser was installed in the back of the refrigerator, but because of this unsightlyness and lack of decorativeness, it was later eliminated.

The installation of the refrigeration condenser, mainly installed the condenser directly against the back wall. There is a big disadvantage: the heat of the condenser tube is transferred to the sheet metal without any doubt, while the sheet metal is attached to the insulation layer, and the heat can only be transferred outwards. Although there are part of the heat transfer to the space (atmosphere), but due to the condenser pipe is clingy a large part of heat are back to the condenser pipe, so repeated passing each other, which increasing the cooling time, the condensing rate decreased;that also wastes the already tense cooling area, reduces the cooling effect, and makes the cooling temperature drop slowly. The cooling pressure is higher than normal, the cooling efficiency is lower, and the electricity consumption increases. Make already tense condensate area add insult to injury, filter drier and capillary both are hot, and even burning hot, overheated the temperature of refrigerant, reduced refrigeration effect. Therefore, the installation should be properly separated from the wall of the box by about 3~ 5cm, so that it can be fully ventilated and heat dissipated to ensure the cooling effect, when all condensers are replaced which should be paid attention to.

The condensing tube of the original refrigerator is installed inside. The condensing tube is attached to the refrigerator iron sheet, and the heat is transmitted by the sheet metal. Also like steel wire or louver on the condenser, use steel wire or louver to increase heat transfer area.

Similarly, the inside of the refrigerator freezer aluminum, evaporation tube is also close to the aluminum skin, rely on the aluminum skin to transfer heat (cold) to the box.

The reason is explained by the fact that none of the naked condensers of the old refrigerator were installed against the back wall. That's the theory of heat transfer.

At present, the refrigeration condenser on the market, the pipe diameter is small. For a larger volume of the refrigeration, hanging a cooling area is still small, it must be two smaller tandem to ensure enough cooling area. Installation also requires two pieces of condensers should be separated from each other, although the operation is more difficult, but absolutely avoid many disadvantages.The above is the installation method of the refrigerator condenser. JINAN RETEK also produces various condensers, including wire tube condenser, freezer condenser and drum condenser

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