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How To Size A Wire Tube Evaporator?

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Wire tube evaporator has good heat exchange effect, more uniform refrigeration, less frosting, and is an important component of the refrigerator system. The raw materials of wire tube evaporator are: iron wire, bundy tube, produced by welding and plastic spraying.Then how to size a wire tube evaporator? Including evaporator material and heat exchange capacity .

When you want to size a wire tube evaporator,after calculate the refrigeration capacity ,then need to confirm the material specification. Mainly material including: Bundy tube (steel tube coated with copper ) : size 4.75mm*0.7mm, 6mm*0.7mm, 6.35mm*0.7mm, 8mm*0.7mm. Low carbon steel wire : 1.0mm-1.6mm (both sides can be with steel plates and brackets,can be upon your option ) .Then last one is bracket which material is steel plate (SPCC) ,thickness 0.6mm-1.5mm. Thickness also upon to your choice.

For surface of wire tube evaporator,there are powder coating and Cathode Electrophoretic Painting is also available which price will be little higher.

The capacity and size of a Wire tube evaporator is usually according to compressor capacity and refrigeration temperature of the refrigerator system.

Compressor refrigerating capacity = evaporator refrigerating capacity.

Heat dissipation of wire tube condenser = cooling capacity of compressor + shaft power of compressor.

Wire tube evaporator is a very important parts of the four refrigeration parts (compressor, condenser, evaporator, expansion valve). The low temperature condensate "liquid" body passes through the evaporator to conduct heat exchange with the outside air, and "gas" absorbs heat to achieve the refrigeration effect. It is mainly composed of a heating chamber and an evaporating chamber.The heating chamber provides the heat required for evaporation of the liquid, which causes it to boil and vaporize.The evaporation chamber completely separates the gas and liquid phases.The steam produced in the heating chamber contains a large amount of liquid foam. When it reaches the evaporation chamber in a larger space, the liquid can be separated from the steam by means of condensation or defoamer.Usually the defoamer is located at the top of the evaporation chamber.

We should size wire tube evaporator according to the cooling load , cooling load can cause excessive evaporator refrigerant flow rate is too low, leads to the stay of refrigerant, the load is too small evaporator can make the evaporation temperature and cooling medium temperature difference is too large, to allow the inlet air temperature and evaporating temperature difference can be determined by the required by the moderate control.

When size a wire tube evaporator , the content of the product should be as small as possible, so we can keep the amount of filling in the system at a minimum, so for the diameter of the wire tube,we should choose as small as possible, usually we use 4.75mm(diameter) * 0.7mm (thickness)  diameter.  From the point of view of refrigerating capacity, when the low evaporation temperature, the pressure of the evaporator tube will fall a lot, therefore, relatively short pipe refrigerant circuits more popular, meanwhile the refrigerant flow rate or high enough to prevent refrigerant stranded.


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