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How does the low temperature thermostat work?

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The main function of a refrigerator thermostat is to keep the temperature of the refrigerator compartment and the freezer compartment relatively stable.


The low temperature thermostat can keep the temperature in the refrigerator below than the ambient temperature.It can adjust the temperature in the refrigerator at any time according to the change of seasonal air temperature and the different temperature conditions required for storing different foods, so that the food in the refrigerator is kept fresh and the storage period can be effectively extended.


There are tree temperature control methods for refrigerators as bellow:

1-single temperature single control method

2-Dual temperature single control method

3-Dual temperature and dual control mode


Type of low temperature thermostat

1-Expansion type Metal and liquid expansion low temperature thermostats. Such as: Bimetal low temperature Thermostat

2-Mechanical steam pressure and gas adsorption low temperature thermostats. Such as: Pressure type low temperature thermostat

3-Electronic resistance and galvanic low temperature thermostat. Such as: Electronic low temperature thermostat


How does the mechanical low temperature thermostat work?

When the temperature in the refrigerating compartment is lower than the temperature set by the thermostat, the pressure of the temperature-sensing agent in the temperature-sensing tube decreases, and the pressure is less than the pulling force of the spring. Under the action of the spring pulling force, the transmission support moves to open the contacts.

When you need to set a lower temperature, you can turn the knob clockwise to reduce the spring tension.


How doese the semi-automatic frost low temperature thermostat work?

1- When the frost of the evaporator is too thick, you can press the defrost button. Under the action of the smooth spring tension, the contacts can be forced to open, the compressor will stop, and the evaporator is in the defrost state.

2- After the defrost is completed, the temperature of the evaporator rises, the temperature-sensing agent in the temperature sensor expands due to heat, the pressure in the temperature-sensing tube increases, and the contact is turned on under the pressure, and the defrost state ends.


How doese the Electronic low temperature thermostat work?

This type of temperature controller mainly uses the resistance of metal conductors or semiconductors as the temperature sensing element. Using its resistance value can significantly change NTC with temperature changes. The common temperature sensing element is platinum thermal resistance. Copper thermistors and Thermistor electronic temperature controller.


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