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How to clean a refrigerator condenser coils

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                                         How to clean a refrigerator condenser coils

    In addition to the need for regular cleaning of the
refrigerator condenser coils, no matter what the mechanical equipment, we need to regularly maintain and maintain it, just like our company's wire tube condenser, and drum condenser.
    Dirty condenser coils make the refrigeration system work harder, increase compressor consumption, increase power consumption, and increase electricity bills. Excessive use of will not only cost more money, it will also reduce the service life of the system, causing other components to fail in the system. Compressor consumption will be too high, and the compressor may be burned to cause more serious consequences. Refrigerator may be Will be scrapped in advance.
    Forced air-cooled refrigerators or built-in cooling equipment need to clean the condenser coil at least twice a year. In fact, if you have foods, you may want to clean them more often! The reason is because dust and dander are gathered around the coil and it prevents the condenser from working properly. Refrigerator works harder to keep your food cold. It is recommended that the condenser coil should be cleaned at least once a year. With the new filter and the correct refrigerant level, the cleaning coil is an easy way to maintain the proper level of efficiency of the equipment. We recommend completing this work before the transition to summer. The last thing anyone wants is to let their air conditioners fail in heat waves, especially things like condenser coils can avoid. So It is important for you to know where the coils are and how to clean them.
    The first thing you should always do is that you can unplug the power plug from the outlet or turn off the breaker to power it. Don't worry about your food being bad After a few hours of internal refrigerator maintenance, power loss and cold work only takes a few minutes.
Next, there should be a grid-like cover under the front of your refrigerator. If you have never cleaned the condenser coil before, then the grill may look kind of hairy itself! Some models of the panel are simply broken, while others may need to be unscrewed. Delete this panel.
    Then open the vacuum cleaner and use the wand, the nozzle attachment removes all the dirt and debris accumulated in your fridge. Then, concentrate the condenser coil on the nozzle. Try to get as much dust as possible out of the coil.
    When you feel that your vacuum sucks everything, focus your attention on that dirty cover. Use vacuum to clean the grill and remove all the dirt. For best results, give it a nice clean with some hot bleach.
    Finally, dry and close the cover and put it back on the refrigerator. Put the refrigerator or turn off the breaker. It all needs to clean the condenser coil and keep your refrigerator running as efficiently as possible.The condenser coil is very important, so take care not to damage it.


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