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How to install an electronic thermostat

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We Jinan Retekool supply many different type thermostat, 

Including capillary thermostat and electronic thermostat ect.

Our thermostat specializing used in the products of water heaters, flying pan, oven, air conditioner, refrigerator thermostat, freezer, automotive air system ect.. Widely used in different refrigeration and heating industry.



Electronic temperature controller, it is measured by resistance temperature sensing method.

Generally, platinum wire, copper wire, tungsten wire and sensor are used as temperature measuring resistors.


The electronic type temperature converts the temperature signal into an electric signal,  via temperature sensing device such as a thermocouple and a platinum resistance, and controls the relay to make the heating (or cooling) equipment work (or stop).


Regarding install an electronic thermostat, actually it’s very easily.

When making new air conditioner or freezer need to install the electronic thermostat, you can reference below.


Remove the drawers and shelves from the freezer and remove the screws from the evaporator cover at the back of the freezer,

Pull the evaporator cover out of the freezer and cut the thermostat wires.


Clip the new electronic thermostat onto the evaporator and contact the wires.

Put the evaporator cover on the back wall and reinstall the mounting screws.

Reinstall the evaporator cover gasket and the drawers and shelves inside the freezer cabinet and the evaporator cover.

Reinstall the evaporator cover gasket.

Then after contact the power, it will be ok.



If you need to replace or change an old electronic thermostat onto your old freezer or air conditioner, Please prepare a electronic thermostat firstly, turn off the power of your freezer before beginning digital thermostat installation.


Remove the cover of the old electronic thermostat, Most of them simply pop off easily with a little force.

Remove the screws from the screw terminals in the sub-base of the old thermostat and remove it.

Cut off the wires and label them with masking tape so you know where to contact them to the new electronic thermostat.

There should be data on the old unit next to each wire.

Simply mark each spot with the tape with the corresponding letter on it.


When the screw holes line up, you can use the old ones.

If not, use a drill for new holes and use dry wall mounts if needed.

Mount the sub-base of your new digital thermostat over the old location.

Attach the wires to the correct terminals in the new electronic thermostat sub-base on the wall.  Put batteries in your new thermostat.

Attach the cover of the new electronic thermostat to the sub-base on the wall.

Turn on the power, set the temperature to your new electronic thermostat and experience how efficiently it regulates the temperature in your home.


If your electronic thermostat is the programmable smoothly, simply program in the desired temperature. It will regulate the temperature in your home to this degree, and keep it there.


Electronic thermostat can operate at different voltage,

Please be sure to install an in-line fuse in the positive lead.

And please remember cut off the power before install.


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