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How to install insulation tube?

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Thermal insulation tube insulation material use nitrile butadiene rubber as main raw material for foaming and become a fully closed cell of flexible rubber insulation materials,without any fiber materials,HCHO and CFCS which are bad for the ozonosphere.

Insulation tube is black generally,now we also have colourful,like red and blue colour.


Rubber materials tube are widely used in central air-conditioning, construction, chemical, textile, metallurgy, transmission, vehicles, electrical appliances and other industries and some types of cold and heat medium pipelines, can achieve the effect of reducing cold damage and heat loss. In addition, the construction is simple, the appearance is neat and beautiful, and the product does not contain fiber dust, and does not breed any harmful substances such as mold, so it is a high-quality cross-century new generation thermal insulation material. Rubber and plastic insulation material is elastic closed-cell elastic material, which has soft, resistant to winding, cold, heat, flame retardant, waterproof, low thermal conductivity, shock absorption, sound absorption and other excellent properties.


But how to install insulation tube ? After finish producing insulation tube, at the two end of insulation tube we always spray white power to install smoothly.


Rubber insulation tube is the air-conditioning tube insulation material. The rubber tube must pay attention to the method during installation to ensure the insulation performance. should pay attention to the following points:

1. All the slits and joints need to be sealed and sealed with special glue.

2. All tees, elbows, valves, flanges and other accessories must be designed to thickness after installation.

3. Do not use too much force when bonding the glue. The interface between all materials should be bonded under slight extrusion.

4. When installing, first the small tube and the small tube, first elbow, three-way straight tube,rear valve, flange.

5. When installing the chilled water pipe and the refrigeration equipment, the gap between the two ends of the rubber-plastic pipe and the iron pipe shall be glued together, and the bonding width shall not be equal to the thickness of the rubber-plastic material.

6. The slit of the pipe should be installed in an inconspicuous place as far as possible, and the slits of the two pipes should be staggered from each other.

7. Do not install the machine while it is in use. Do not switch on within 36 hours of installation.

8. The large-diameter rubber-plastic tube has become elliptical due to the packaging relationship. Please cut the flat side when cutting.


Our company -Jinan Retekool Inc is one professional insulation tube, insulation sheet, and air conditioning wrapping tape manufacturer in China with good quality and competitive price for many years. Our insulation tube has three quality grade.General, good and super quality, only thickness Tolerance is different.


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