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How to wire the thermostat in your air conditioner

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JINAN RETEK INDUSTRIES INC./JINAN RETEKOOL INC. is professional on many spare parts for more than 13 years, like condenser, evaporator etc. One of our main products is thermostat, there is thermostat for heating and also for refrigeration, our factory is in WUXI, JIANGSU Province.

Thermostat refers to a series of automatic control components, such as temperature control switches and temperature protectors, which are physically deformed inside the switch according to the temperature change of the working environment, thereby generating certain special effects and generating conduction or disconnection actions. , temperature controller, referred to as temperature controller. Or through the temperature protector to pass the temperature to the temperature controller, the temperature controller issues a switch command to control the operation of the device to achieve the desired temperature and energy saving effect.

The thermostat for an air conditioning unit instructs the appliance to turn on and begin cooling when the indoor temperature exceeds a pre-determined level. The thermostat is also designed to halt the cooling and switch the air conditioner to standby after the temperature falls to the desired level. Modern thermostats are equipped with digital readouts and calibrated for precise temperature settings, which can save money on cooling bills. 

A new or improved thermostat can help increase energy efficiency when running your furnace or air conditioner. Use these tips to wire a thermostat.

1.Read the manufacturer's instructions. Before wiring a new thermostat into your wall, review all tips, suggestions and pictures provided in the instructions. Take heed to any special directions given for your particular model.

2.Turn the electricity off to the thermostat. Flip the switches at the breaker box that corresponds to your furnace and air conditioner. Turning the electricity off helps to avoid any electrical problems or injuries.

3.Take down the old thermostat and wall plate. The thermostat will usually slide up to come off the wall plate. Loosen and remove the screws that hold the wall plate in place.

4.Keep track of how the wires are connected to the back of your old thermostat.

5.Keep the wires from falling back into the wall. Tie or bundle the wires together. If they still won't stay in place, tape them to the wall. Wires that fall back into the wall must be fished out in order to complete the wiring installation.

6.Put up the replacement wall plate, if there is one. Mark new holes to match the holes in the wall plate. Use a level to ensure that the wall plate is straight. Drill the holes for the new plate. Screw the new plate onto the wall.

7.Connect the wires from the wall to the thermostat. Refer to your labels or the notes you made to connect them correctly. Twist the wires to the connectors on the back of the thermostat or follow the directions provided with the manufacturer's instructions.

8.Attach the thermostat face to the new wall plate. Push all wires back into the wall, and slide the plate onto the wall plate. It should sit flush against the wall and be straight.

9.Turn the electricity back on to the furnace and air conditioner. Flip the switches in your breaker box to restore the electricity to the items.

10.Test the thermostat by causing the furnace and air conditioner to come on at various temperatures. Review all steps if the thermostat fails to work.

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