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Method for cleaning refrigerator condenser

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Method for cleaning refrigerator condenser

The refrigerator condenser is an important part of the refrigerator,If you want to make the refrigerator more energy-efficient, the best way is to clean the fridge condenser.

Clean the refrigerator condenser the most important thing is to clean the refrigerator condenser coil or fan, then how to clean it? If the coils are under the refrigerator, remove the front toe grill. On many models, you can pull the grill toward you to remove it. Check your owner's manual for instructions for your refrigerator. The coils are either at the back of the refrigerator or Under it,If the coils are behind the refrigerator, slide the refrigerator far enough away from the wall that you can unplug it; you might want to set cardboard in front of it to protect wood or vinyl flooring. Then continue sliding it away from the wall until you Can comfortably work behind it.

First of all, we need to disconnect the power supply, unplug the power supply of the refrigerator or turn off the circuit breaker of the refrigerator. Here we need special instructions. The maintenance of the equipment is very dangerous, we must follow the instructions of the maintenance guide unless you are professional The maintenance personnel, otherwise do not operate on their own, of course, many times the maintenance is required for qualified technicians to perform, and the simple operation like cleaning the refrigerator condenser can operate on its own.

Next we need to remove Remove the toe grill,To access the condenser coils, remove the bottom front toe grill. On many refrigerator models, you can pull the grill straight out and off of the refrigerator. Check your owner's manual for instructions for removing the front To the grill on your refrigerator.Some refrigerators have the coils on the back instead of below. Pull the refrigerator away from the wall to reach the coils on the back.If the coils are under the refrigerator, remove the toe grill to access the coils. This project can dislodge a lot of dust. Wear a dust mask to prevent lung irritation.Push a coil brush into the condenser coils under the refrigerator. The coil brush knocks the dust off of the condenser coils. Vacuum the area to pick up the dust .After vacuuming the condenser coil area, move the refrigerator and vacuum the area.After knocking the dust from the coils with a coil brush, vacuum the dust.

Finally we need Re-install the toe grill, Snap the bottom front toe grill onto the front of the refrigerator.

The above steps and instructions are the methods to clean the condenser of refrigerator . Have you learned it? For more information on fridge condensers, freezer condensers, wire tube condensers, please visit our website: https://www.retekool.com.

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