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Roll Bond Evaporator Application

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Roll Bond Evaporator Application

The roll bond evaporator is using the heating method, to heat a solution which contains a non-volatile solute to a boiling state, make a part of the solvent is vaporized and removed, thereby increasing the concentration of the solute in the solvent, so the roll bond evaporator can be used in Refrigerator, water dispenser, freezer, wine cooler, etc.

Common evaporators in refrigerators are five types: finned coil type, roll bond aluminum evaporator, steel coil type, and single ridge finned tube type. The aluminum plate inflation type evaporator is obtained by rolling a printing line between two aluminum plates, so that the unprinted portion is heat-pressed in one body, and then inflated into a bamboo road by high pressure. The evaporator is used in a flash-operated single-door refrigerator, a refrigerating compartment of a two-door refrigerator, and a refrigerating compartment and a freezing compartment of a small-capacity double-door refrigerator, and is installed in the form of a flat plate on the upper portion of the rear wall of the refrigerator.

The application of the roll bond evaporator on the water dispenser is to add a water channel to the evaporator, which not only improves the cooling efficiency, but also reduces the cost of the water dispenser.

The small freezer adopts the roll bond evaporator, which overcomes the shortcomings of the original horizontal straight-cooling freezer adopting the aluminum plate or the steel plate buckle and the sleeve evaporator evaporator coil. The inflation type evaporator is bent to form the freezer liner, and the refrigerant flows inside the refrigeration pipeline directly, and also flows in the aluminum plate passage of the inner tank , and there is no gap, which effectively prevents the entry of the foaming material during the foaming process of the freezer, reduces the thermal resistance, and can effectively transfer the cooling capacity inside the refrigeration pipeline to the freezing compartment. Space, cooling effect is significantly improved.

The wine coolers are mostly required to be sprayed black because of the location of the wine.

In addition, there are several occasions for the application of roll bond evaporation in industrial production: direct dilution of the concentrated solution to obtain the product or reprocessing of the concentrated solution (such as cooling and crystallization) to obtain a solid product, such as concentration of electrolytic caustic soda, concentration of aqueous sugar solution and various Concentration of juice, etc.; at the same time, concentrate the solution and recover the solvent, such as concentrated debenzene extraction of the organophosphorus pesticide benzene solution, evaporation of the alcohol leaching solution in the production of the traditional Chinese medicine, etc.; in order to obtain a pure solvent, such as seawater desalination.

The roll bond evaporator also could be used in Medical. Volatile inhalation anesthetics are liquid at room temperature. The evaporator effectively vaporizes the volatile anesthetic fluid into a gas and precisely adjusts the concentration of the anesthetic vapor output. The evaporation of the anesthetic requires heat, and the temperature around the evaporator is the main factor determining the rate of evaporation of the volatile anesthetic. Contemporary anesthesia machines widely use a temperature-flow-compensated evaporator, which can maintain the constant evaporation rate of volatile inhalation anesthesia through an automatic compensation mechanism when the temperature or fresh gas flow changes, thus ensuring that the inhaled anesthetic leaves the evaporator. The output concentration is stable. Since the physical properties of the boiling point and saturated vapor pressure of different volatile inhalation anesthetics are different, the evaporator has drug specificity, such as an enflurane evaporator, an isoflurane evaporator, etc., which are not universal. The evaporator of the modern anesthesia machine is placed outside the anesthesia breathing loop, and a separate stream of oxygen is connected thereto. The vaporized inhaled anesthetic vapor is mixed with the main stream before being inhaled by the patient.

In short, roll bond evaporator is also widely used in the chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical and other industries.


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