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Roll Bond Evaporator Size

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RETEKOOL is a professional manufacturer of Roll Bond evaporators, wire tube evaporators, etc.

You come here to find the perfect roll bond evaporators to install in your refrigerator, freezer, showcase, etc.

May be you need roll bond evaporator for service market.Maybe you need roll bond evaporator for OEM..

No matter who you are,where you are..Just share the roll bond evaporator sizes.

Max size 590mm x 2050mm we ever made..I am sure you can get anyone you need here.

But no comments as:”i do not know what size i should buy?”

Come on,Will you go shopping shoes and do not tell your foot feet?

Definitly..Our team will assist you to choose the best size you need.

They may asked the length,width,thickness even to measure your sample.

Guess what?99.99% roll bond evaporators are produced according customers’ design drawings.

Because their refrigerator, freezer,showcase are unique.

They need roll bond evaporator size 100% proper same as design.

That’s why roll bond evaporator size is very important for both of you and us.

A proper size can be matched in your products perfectly.And we will do the quality controll in every tiny process to make sure every roll bond evaporator received in your hand should 100% 

Perfect including sizes

You will see we do Strict Quality Control in every process to make sure you can get perfect roll bond evaporator.

As we know the material of roll bond evaporator is aluminium plate roller.

Every plate should be passed through the processes cutting,cleaning,roughing,printing,riveting, rolling,annealing,blowing,punch,folding,shaping,welding,drying,coating to be a final roll bond 

Evaporator from aluminium plate.

Before running into process.We will choose thickness 1.4~2.5mm aluminum raw material.

In the processes cutting.That’s the first important step about roll bond evaporator size.

We should make sure the trimming edge is flush, the four sides are perpendicular to each other, and the diagonal error requirement is ≤0.5mm.

If cutting more,it will bring extra scraps.Cost control will be higher than usual.

If size cutting minus..The plate will not rolling into proper size according requst.

In the process printing,we need to draw the duct lines at 1.2/3.26 To make sure final blowing size same as request.

In the process annealing..Heating temperature will be controlled at 420 ℃ to make sure the plate thickness can be stretched at ±0.1mm.

These are the main processes that make the roll bond evaporator size same as your design.

Actually every tiny process are effecting the roll bond evaporator size even the whole product quality.

Choose RETEKOOL..15 YEARS experiences team will help you in marketplace.


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