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PVC tape is made of soft polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film and coated with pressure sensitive adhesive. The production process of PVC tape is applying the sensitive adhesive to the PVC film treated by the primer, drying and solidifying, winding into a roll, and then cutting into different size rolls and packaging.


PVC film as base material, flash or matt surface, soft, elastic, high strength, good insulation performance, good transparency, good adhesion, excellent electrical insulation and sealing, electrical insulation performance in humid environment and water stable. It can be used for the wrapping, fixing and insulation protection of wire and cable below 600V. Under 70 degree ambient temperature, it is basically used for waterproof and insulated for  below 900V equipment. It also be used for deep waterproofing, deep well electro mechanical, submersible pump lead, and overhead insulated wire joint inner cladding waterproof and insulation.


PVC tape can be cut into different size, such as 18mm×20m×0.13mm, 15mm×10m×0.15mm, etc. The length, width, thickness all can be produced according to the real appliance. Different thickness and size, the breaking strength, elongation at break will be different and good quality tape the production cost also higher. We produce as customer request. PVC tape can be produced as different color, such as black, white, red, blue, yellow, gray, etc. These different color can satisfy different market. For packing the PVC tape, some customer request each roll with plastic bag, some customer no need plastic bag. Usually 100 rolls tape will pack into one carton. If large quantity, the cartons can pack directly into the container. If small quantity, better carton pack with the pallets. Because the weight of tape little heavy, with pallets better for protect the goods.

For the production time of PVC tape, according to the order quantity. Each day we can produce 10000rolls. With drying and solidifying, winding into a roll need several days. When place order, we will arrange production schedule immediately and try our best to arrange shipment soon.


Our factory (Jinan Retek Industries Inc.) have produce good quality PVC tape, insulation adhesive tape for many years, and have supply for more than 30 countries abroad, such as USA, Russia,Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Peru, Mexico, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hongkong, etc. We also attending many fairs with our PVC tape, such as Canton Fair, China Refrigeration Expo, Refrigeration &HVAC Indonesia Expo, Bangkok RHVAC expo,etc. Our good quality PVC tape satisfy customers that come to visit our booth and build good cooperation. Our factory have advanced manufacture equipment, strong technical team and first class management system. We have been award the ISO9001:2008 international quality system certificate. The philosophy of customer first, while focus of marketing, we also establish a perfect after-sales service system, to provide our clients with quality services. With good quality products and good service, we enjoy a great reputation abroad. Welcome to buy and use our PVC tape. We also welcome customers all over the world to visit our factory and set up business relationship for further development.


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