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What is a dry thermostat?

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What is a dry thermostat? It is thermostat thermal fuse is used in dryers as a safety mechanism that stops the flow of electricity to the motor circuit when a dryer overheats. When this fuse is faulty, your dryer will not start or it will not heat properly. 

Whether your dryer has an electric heating element or a gas burner, it has a thermostat to protect it from overheating; in fact, it has two or more. One of them periodically cycles the power on and off to keep the temperature in the dryer hot enough to dry clothes, but not hot enough to damage the dryer. There is also a fail-safe thermostat that switches off the power when the temperature becomes dangerously high.

When you switch on the dryer, a blower directs air through the heating chamber while the control panel sends power to the heating element or gas igniter. The air passing through the heating chamber becomes hot and passes into the tumbler, where it dries the clothes. 

It then passes out through the exhaust vent. The cycling thermostat monitors the temperature sensor in the heating chamber, and when the temperature rises too high, it cuts power to the heater. The power stays off until the heating chamber and tumbler cool off. The U high-limit thermostat cuts power when the temperature reaches a higher limit.

The thermostat in your clothes dryer is an important component responsible for regulating the unit’s temperature. Modern dryers have multiple heat settings, so they often have multiple thermostats! One is to control the heating element and the other is to keep it from overheating. Many dryers have a pair of thermostats accessible underneath the back cover. Testing them with a millimeter can show you if they are working properly. If a thermostat malfunctions, it is easy to replace in order to get your dryer functioning with full heat again. If something breaks, your dryer may stay hot and require you to shut off the electricity to get it to cool. Note that your dryer may not heat at all when the thermostat is broken. Other times, excessive heat is a sign of a dead thermostat or heating element. Replace the thermostat if it is no longer functional. Plan on getting a matching replacement to ensure the new thermostat keeps your dryer working at maximum capacity.

The operation of a dryer thermostat is not difficult to understand. It is basically a single-pole, single-throw switch -- a simple "On/Off" switch -- and is always on at room temperature. When the temperature rises to a preset limit, the metal conductor inside begins to warp, and one end lifts off its contact and breaks the circuit. When the temperature falls, the metal returns to its normal shape and power is restored. Some thermostats contain a double throw switch. One leg closes when the other opens to send power to the timer during a permanent press cycle.

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