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What is freezer condenser?

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    Condenser produced by JINAN RETEK INDUSTRIES INC,it is being widely used in various refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment,like refrigerators,freezers,water coolers,water dispensers , display cabinet and Coca Cola Visi Cooler etc.

    Freezer condenser is mainly used to dissipate heat. It releases the heat generated by the freezer during cooling to the surrounding environment. In the current design, there are two main design methods, one is to hang it in the back of the freezer, this method is more common in the early limit, the other is hidden in the side plates of the freezer, this is a newer way, its main purpose is to look beautiful and reduce condensation on the side panels. When the freezer is cooling, the condenser starts to generate heat. When the freezer stops, the cooling is stopped and the temperature of the condenser slowly decreases. Finally, the temperature is reduced to 2 to 3 degrees lower than the ambient temperature (sideboard). In summer, you can feel all the heat on both sides, but there is always a higher temperature. In other seasons, there may be one side without heat. This is due to the small heat load and the relatively large area of the condenser. So the temperature on the other side is already comparable to the ambient temperature. The maximum temperature of the freezer condenser is generally about 10 degrees higher than the ambient temperature. If the freezer is unusually hot, it indicates that there is a problem in the refrigeration system. This problem is usually caused by high system pressure and high temperature.Generally, there is air in the system, or the refrigerant is filled too much, resulting in pressure at the condensation end. High, forming high temperatures. If you run the freezer in a hot environment, it may be hot, and you have to make a careful distinction. Generally speaking, condenser together with evaporator, compressor and expansion valve, are very important parts in the freezer system then to achieve a better cooling effect.

    Deep freezer condenser's structure is very easy. It includes three parts,the first one is flat type of wire on tube condenser used at the back, the second one is bended or spiral type of wire tube condenser used at the bottom ,the third one is wrapped type of tube embed on plate.
     Our condenser performs very well, its surface with electrophoresis coating to prevent the corrosion. and its inner cleaness can meet the requirement of CFC&R134A cooling system. It also can satisfy different cooling capability requirement. It is a very popular product in the refrigeration market.For us, we could produce condenser according to the drawing or sample supplied by clients, also can help the clients design and produce different condensers.

    Now with the development of science and technology and the innovation demand of refrigeration market, our technical R&D personnel design various condenser to cater to market demand. Including refrigerator condenser, water dispenser condenser, etc.
    Anyhow, our company provide sophisticated equipment and superior after-sale service .Each step of production is strictly evaluated by skilled technicians. You could rest assured in our products and services. Finally, we provide you customized services, you are welcome to consult.


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