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What is refrigerator condenser?

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 The refrigerator condenser is one of the heat exchangers in the refrigeration system,Its role is to send the compressor to the high pressure, high temperature refrigeration,The heat of the agent gas is dissipated to the exterior of the refrigerator,Refrigerant liquid liquefies after cooling and cooling to become high pressure and normal temperature Refrigerant liquid. 

There are many types of condensers in refrigerators,mainly co2 condenser, wire tube condenser, It can be divided into natural convection cooling and forced convection in terms of heat dissipation.Natural convection cooling is the use of ambient air flowing naturally through the exterior of the condenser, allowing the condenser's heat to.Forced convection cooling is the use of an electric fan to force air through the exterior of the condenser, allowing the condenser to dissipate heat. Above 300L Refrigerators generally use forced convection condensers, and below 300L refrigerators use natural convection condensers.

The condenser is a vital heat and cold exchange system for the refrigerator. Its greatest role is heat dissipation and heat exchange. When the refrigerator is still in operation, the heat generated by the compressor operation of the refrigerator will be dispersed into the air through long internal tubes. The compressor will turn these low temperature and low pressure gases into high temperature and high pressure gas, and the condenser will then These gases are converted into liquids, high-temperature and high-pressure liquids, and undergo heat generation through the liquefaction of fluorine. The liquids are converted into low-temperature and low-pressure liquids through the capillary tubes therein, so that the refrigerator can exchange heat and cold.

Although there are many types of condensers on the market today, its cooling methods are mainly natural convection cooling and forced convection cooling. The natural convection cooling method means that when the ambient air is naturally conditioned from the refrigerator condenser, the heat above the condenser can be naturally cooled. Forced convection is not the same, but it is mandatory to use foreign objects to dissipate heat from the condenser. However, the function of the condenser is to dissipate heat from the refrigerator, which is indispensable for the refrigerator.

Usually, we rarely see the fridge Condenser , because generally our refrigerator condenser is hidden, but sometimes we can still see the condenser for refrigeration. Most refrigerators now have the condenser installed in the two sides of the refrigerator, so that when the refrigerator's compressor is operating, the condensers on both sides can immediately dissipate heat, which is more convenient and convenient. However, in fact, in past old refrigerators, the condenser was installed in the back of the refrigerator, but because of this unsightliness and lack of decorativeness, it was later eliminated.

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