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What is the best insulation adhesive tape?

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What is the best insulation adhesive tape?
JINAN RETEKOOL INC. Is a professional manufacturer of thermal insulation material company .
Now we serve for many famous enterprises, produce of high quality insulation tube, insulation sheet, wrapping tape of air conditioner and insulation adhesive tape.
Insulation adhesive tape is a kind of thermal insulation tape that plays an very important role in thermal insulation. Polyurethane insulation is one of the best insulation materials in the world. As a high-performance polymer material, polyurethane insulation material has become the fifth largest plastic after polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and polystyrene.The insulation tape is divided into rubber tape with brown paper and rubber tape with mesh .
So what is the best insulation adhesive tape ?
Before buying an Insulation adhesive tape, you need to consider some factors to get the best one. These factors indicate how good and how long the tape will do good in insulation to protect others.
First or all, Insulation Properties is the most important thing. To be a best insulation Tape, it must have high density and burning level, if low density,it is soft and easy to be broken.
The second, the Temperature Tolerance is another important factor that indicates the maximum temperature that the tape can tolerate and keep the good condition of the joint. In the most of the cases, it should work well up to 115℃.
The third, Gum and heat-resistant properties and Back adhesive peel strength are also the important factor for the long-lasting performance of the taping. More stretch ensures the flexibility and durability of the taping in any case.Accordingly, it is more durable.
The fourth, you need to check the coefficient of thermal conductivity(average temperature degrees) and the Moisture permeability, the best insulation tape must be match with the good  thermal conductivity and better moisture permeability.
What is more, you also need to see the width and how thin the tape is before buying. It should be decided on the basis of your need. You also need to check the color code of the tape and which you want.Because different applying environment situation, different using requirement, so you may need different tape, just please kindly feel free to let us know, we all could meet it. Our insulation tape dimension stability is very high. It is according to the international standard.
Please kindly refer to the following our insulation tape product pictures for your reference.Any question please kindly feel free to email us or call us.We are very glad to help you with your business.
In a word,the above product-Insulation adhesive tape is also been widely shown in our website .you could visit then know them more.
We supply product to hundreds company, high quality services has won the praise of the enterprise and crate our famous brand. We believe, through our continuous effort and pursuit, we can realize the good wish of mutual benefit with all customers .
Anyhow, our company provide sophisticated equipment and superior after-sale service. Each step of production is strictly evaluated by skilled technicians. You could rest assured in our products.
Finally ,we provide you customized services, you are welcome to consult.


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