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What is the role of thermostat under the car cooling system?

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Thermostat,  is a temperature sensing device that keeps the controlled part in a certain temperature range by automatically opening or closing in normal operation. Its operating temperature is only fixed or adjustable.



A thermostat is a device that directly or indirectly controls one or more heat and cold sources to maintain a desired temperature. To achieve this function, a thermostat must have a sensitive element and a converter. The sensitive element measures the temperature change and produces the required effect on the converter. The converter converts the action from the sensitive element into an action that can appropriately control the device that changes the temperature.


The types of thermostats are generally as follows: plug-in type --- the thermostat is installed above the pipe and the sensitive elements are inserted into the pipe; immersion type --- the sensitive elements are immersed in the liquid of the pipe or container to control the liquid; the surface-type --Sensitive components are mounted on the surface of the pipe or similar.



Adopt the latest art modeling and microcomputer control technology to control the switch of high intelligence, fan coil fan, electric valve and electric air valve. It has high, middle, low, automatic four-speed adjustment control, and switch control for hot and cold valves. , Can switch between cooling, heating and ventilation modes. Guarantee high-quality comfort, easy installation, operation and maintenance. Widely used in office buildings, shopping malls, industrial, medical, villas and other civil buildings, so that the controlled environment temperature is constant within the set temperature range to achieve the purpose of improving the comfortable environment.


How it works in car cooling systems

The thermostatted autosampler is equipped with a cooling / heating module and uses Peltier elements to effectively cool the air. When turned on, the front of the Peltier element is heated / cooled according to the temperature. The fan draws air from the sample tray area and passes it through the channels of the heating / cooling module. The fan speed is determined by environmental conditions (e.g. ambient humidity, temperature). In the heating / cooling module, the air reaches the temperature of the Peltier element, and then these transverse thermostats are blown under a special sample pan, distributed evenly there, and flow back to the sample pan area. From there, the air enters the thermostat. This cycling mode ensures efficient cooling / heating of vials.


In cooling mode, the other side of the Peltier element becomes very hot and must be cooled in order to maintain vision performance, which is achieved by a large heat exchanger on the back of the thermostat. The four fans blow the air from left to right together to expel the heated air. The fan speed determines the temperature control of the Peltier element.


During cooling, condensation can occur in the heating / cooling module. Condensate will be trapped everywhere in the thermostat.


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