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What kinds of the condenser in refrigeration systems

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What kinds of the condenser in refrigeration systems.

The refrigerator condenser is one of the main operating components that make up the cooling system on a standard refrigeration systems.  On most models, the condenser is located at the back of the unit, though some may be installed on the bottom or along one side of the unit. While its size can vary, it often covers at least half of the area of the refrigerator wall, and some even cover the entire wall of the unit.

Combined with the evaporator unit within the fridge, the condenser removes heat from inside the refrigerator and transfers it to the outside of the unit. A series of copper tubes or pipes connect the two devices, and liquid refrigerant passes through these tubes to travel from one to the other. As the refrigerant passes through the evaporator, it collects heat energy from within the refrigerator or freezer, leaving the inside of the unit cold enough for food storage. The extra heat energy warms the refrigerant, causing it to transform into a gaseous material. This gaseous refrigerant then travels down to the condenser.

Compare material and usage there's some kinds of refrigeration condenser,normally like:

1) Air cooled condensers: Air cooled condensers are used in small units like household refrigerators, deep freezers, water coolers, window air-conditioners, split air-conditioners, small packaged air-conditioners etc. These are used in plants where the cooling load is small and the total quantity of the refrigerant in the refrigeration cycle is small. Air cooled condensers usually made of copper or aluminum coil. Air cooled condensers occupy a comparatively larger space than water cooled condensers.

Air cooled condensers are of two types: natural convection and forced convection. In the natural convection type, the air flows over it in natural a way depending upon the temperature of the condenser coil. In the forced air type, a fan operated by a motor blows air over the condenser coil.

2) Water cooled condensers: Water cooled condensers are used for large refrigerating plants, big packaged air-conditioners, central air-conditioning plants, etc. These are used in plants where cooling loads are excessively high and a large quantity of refrigerant flows through the condenser.

There are three types of water cooled condensers: tube-in-tube or double pipe type, shell and coil type and shell and tube type. In all these condensers the refrigerant flows through one side of the piping while the water flows through the other piping, cooling the refrigerant and condensing it.

3) Evaporative condensers: Evaporative condensers are usually used in ice plants. They are a combination of water cooled and air cooled condensers. In these condensers the hot refrigerant flows through the coils. Water is sprayed over these coils. At the same time the fan draws air from the bottom side of the condenser and discharges it from the top side of the condenser. The spray water that comes in contact with the condenser coil gets evaporated in the air and it absorbs the heat from the condenser, cools the refrigerant and condenses it.

4)Wire Tube condenser: Since the copper material cost higher,as market huge competitation,new type wire on tube condenser now widely usage.normally usage for some domestic refrigerator,refrigeation cabinet,water cooler etc,on the back side.

Wire on tube condenser usually made of Bundy tube and steel wire.the cost normally less than half of copper tube aluminium fin condenser.

5)Tube plate condenser(Spiral Condenser):This type condenser usually made by Bundy tube and Steel plate,usage in Deep freezer,Freezer on the bottom,replacement for copper tube condenser,have more refrigeration capacity.Now in Canada and USA widely usage.

The above is the introduction of five different condensers, I hope to help you.


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