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What materials are typical Wire Tube Evaporator made of

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The refrigeration system of the refrigerator is composed of a compressor, an evaporator, a condenser, and a capillary tube.

The refrigerator evaporator is an important heat exchange component of the refrigerator refrigeration system. It is the device that outputs the cooling capacity in the refrigeration unit, mainly for "endothermic",The warmth of the air heats the. liquid refrigerant inside, causing it to boil into gas. At the same time, the air looses it's heat and turns cold.

We can provide you customized services,the refrigerator evaporator is mostly made of copper tube,aluminum, tube,tube plate type and wire tube type.

Usually wire tube evaporator is widely used for normal refrigerator or fridge.its mainly material is bundy tube(steel tube coated with copper) and low carbon steel wire,a part of copper tube.

Bundy tube is precise single welded steel pipe with copper coated outside,it is a pipe with a diameter of 4.6-10.6,mainly used as a liquid guiding and air guiding tube for automobiles and refrigerators.This tube is made of cold rolled strip steel sheet coiled, welded and galvanized or copper coated.it has high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality,its advantage is following:

1. easy to bend, easy to weld and easy to machine in a variety of shapes

2. High-precision cold-rolled high-quality low-carbon steel strip and superb precision rolling technology ensure the outer diameter of the pipe, the precision of the wall thickness and good concentricity.

3. 360° along the pipe wall, welding of the joint surface ensures that the Bondy pipe will not leakage

4. In the manufacturing process, Bondy tubes use low-carbon lubricants to make the inner surface extremely clean and the internal surface residue is less than 0.05g/m2.

5. Price is relatively lower

Usually material of bundy tube for wire tube evaporator outer diameter is 4.0mm,4.76mm,6.35mm,8.0mm,wall thickness t0.6mm.

The wire is a kind of wire made of iron. The wire is different in composition and composition. It contains iron, cobalt, nickel, copper, carbon, zinc and other elements. The wire is subdivided into many models according to the coarse.the hot metal billet is rolled into a 5mm thick steel strip, which is then drawn into a wire of different diameters in a drawing device, and the diameter of the drawing disk is gradually reduced, and processed by cooling, annealing, coating, etc. to be ifferent specifications of wire.

For Aluminium wire tube evaporator,we use low carbon steel wire,which is linear finished product made of iron, subdivided into many models according to the coarse,

Steel wire diameter for wire  on tube evaporator usually is 1.0mm,1.2mm,13mm,1.5mm,1.6mm

The production is that bundy tubes welded with steel wires and the brackets are fixed with bundy tubes,Finished evaporator with appearance treated with cathodic electroplate coating and spraying process, having excellent corrosion resistance

We can provide you customized services,we can produce wire on tube evaporator according to the drawing or sample supplied by clients,also can help the clients design different evaporator.Please feel free to contact with us if you have any further query.


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