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What types of thermostat are there?

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The thermostat refers to the intelligent or non-intelligent switch that controls the temperature, so it is also called the temperature control switch in some occasions. It is generally used for temperature control of various household appliances, electromechanical equipment, etc., and can be set according to the user. The values are temperature adjusted to achieve the proper temperature. For household appliances, the temperature controller not only regulates the temperature, but also saves energy. This is in line with the modern concept of promoting green appliances.


According to the principle of thermostat manufacturing, the thermostat is divided into:

1. Kick-type thermostat: The models of various snap-on thermostats are collectively called KSD, common such as KSD301, KSD302, etc. The thermostat is a new type of bimetal thermostat, mainly used as various electric heaters. When the product has overheat protection, it is usually used in series with the thermal fuse, and the snap-on thermostat is used as the primary protection. The thermal fuse is used as a secondary protection when the sudden-type thermostat fails or fails to cause the electric heating element to overheat, thereby effectively preventing the burning of the electric heating element and the fire accident caused thereby.

Second, the liquid-up type thermostat: when the temperature of the controlled object changes, the physical phenomenon (volume change) and the sense of the thermal expansion and contraction of the substance in the temperature sensing part of the temperature controller (generally liquid) The bellows in which the warm portions are connected together expand or contract. With the principle of leverage, the switch is turned on and off, and the liquid expansion type thermostat with constant temperature control has the characteristics of accurate temperature control, stable and reliable, small temperature difference between start and stop, large temperature control adjustment range and large overload current. The liquid rise type thermostat is mainly used in temperature control occasions such as home appliance industry, electric heating equipment and refrigeration industry.


Third, the pressure type thermostat changes the temperature controller through the closed temperature and capillary of the internal charge temperature working medium, and changes the controlled temperature change into the space pressure or volume change. When the temperature setting value is reached, The elastic element and the fast momentary mechanism automatically close the contacts for automatic temperature control. The utility model is composed of a temperature sensing part, a temperature setting main body part, a micro switch which performs opening and closing, or an automatic damper. Pressure thermostats are suitable for applications such as refrigeration appliances (such as refrigerator freezers) and heaters.


The above are the most common types of temperature controllers on the market. Of course, they can be classified into floor heating thermostats, air conditioner thermostats, motor thermostats, etc. according to the purpose of use. However, the use of thermostats is very difficult to generalize, and The classification of uses is not precise, and often the same thermostat has different names.the above are common mechanical thermostats.


Fourth, the electronic thermostat, electronic temperature controller (resistive type) is measured by the method of resistance temperature sensing, generally using platinum wire, copper wire, tungsten wire and thermistor as temperature measuring resistors, these resistors Each has its own advantages. Most household air conditioners use thermistor type.


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