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What you don't know about the use of insulation tubes

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What you don't know about the use of insulation tubes

Air-conditioner insulation tubes is mainly used for high-performance thermal insulation materials specially developed for air-conditioning refrigerant pipes. The products are soft and resistant to winding, mainly used in household and solar and hot water systems.

Pipe insulation of refrigeration and refrigeration systems is a good choice for pipe insulation of household appliances.

The air conditioning insulation tube is green and environmentally friendly, and does not contain format, chloride and sulfate. It achieves the effect of non-toxic and anti-oxidation. It is nested on the central air-conditioning copper tube to effectively prevent oxidation of the copper tube and improve the service life.

The air-conditioning insulation tubes has uniform and fine cells, a low and stable thermal conductivity, and a longer-lasting insulation effect, which reduces the operating cost of the refrigeration and refrigeration facilities. Excellent tensile and fracture resistance, simple installation and saving installation costs.

The insulation performance is durable and stable, ensuring that the domestic hot water system is less energy efficient, more energy efficient, and the first choice for energy saving in household appliances. High moisture resistance factor prevents condensed water and condensation and reduces the occurrence of mold.

Household air conditioner split machine, car air conditioner, multi-line refrigerant pipe, connecting pipe insulation. The backboard insulation of the air conditioner cabinet / central air conditioning host insulation. Insulation of hot water pipe/floor heating system hot water system connection pipe of various domestic water heaters. Cold insulation of civil and industrial refrigeration and refrigeration pipes.

Insulation tubes are also widely used in liquid and gas transportation pipeline networks, chemical pipeline insulation engineering petroleum, chemical, centralized heating and heating networks, central air conditioning ventilation pipes, municipal engineering, etc.

Heating field: In the field of urban central heating, rubber and plastic insulation plays a big role, and it has made outstanding contributions to the thermal insulation of pipes.

Petrochemical industry: Rubber and plastic insulation pipes are often used as insulation materials for external insulation and anti-corrosion of natural gas and petroleum pipelines.

Refrigeration and anti-corrosion industry: Because rubber and plastic insulation pipes have good anti-corrosion performance, they are often used as external anti-corrosion materials for pipelines in cold storage refrigeration systems.

Construction production industry: Rubber and plastic insulation pipes have good seismic performance, so they are also widely used in materials for building external wall pipes for compression, shock absorption and heat preservation. And because rubber and plastic insulation materials have good fire performance, the similar products of rubber and plastic insulation pipes: rubber and plastic insulation boards are also widely used as fireproof materials for building exterior walls.

Metallurgical power industry: Because rubber and plastic insulation pipe has corrosion resistance, high flexibility, acid and alkali resistance, prevention of mold growth and excellent fire performance, the power industry widely uses rubber and plastic insulation pipes in the outer insulation pipes of optical fibers and cables.

The insulation tubes is easy to install and has a beautiful appearance. Due to the softness of the product, the installation is simple and convenient. Pipe installation: It can be installed after being installed, or the pipe can be cut longitudinally and then bonded with aluminum foil tape. For complex parts such as valves, tees, elbows, etc., the plates can be cut and bonded according to different shapes to ensure the tightness of the whole system, thus ensuring the thermal insulation of the whole system.

The outer surface of the insulated pipe has a smooth and smooth rubber and its excellent performance. There is no need to add a vapor barrier layer or a protective layer to reduce the trouble in construction and ensure a beautiful appearance and smoothness. When the equipment or pipeline is overhauled, the stripped material can be reused and the performance is unchanged.

Rubber and plastic insulation pipe has low thermal conductivity. This is determined by its closed bubble structure, which does not absorb water or has a very low water absorption rate, effectively preventing water vapor from passing through the tube wall.

Insulation tube green environmental protection insulation. In the project used, no waste, waste water, waste residue and other pollutants are generated, and the flame retardancy is very good, which can effectively resist aging.

Pipe installation: It can be installed together with the pipe and installation progress. It can also be formed by cutting the pipe and then bonding it with professional glue. For complex shapes such as valves, elbows, tees, etc., the plates and pipes are cut according to actual requirements, and then selected according to different shapes and bonded. This ensures the airtightness and aesthetic appearance of the entire system.

Basic operating procedures: It is recommended to use rubber and plastic tape and tape produced by our company. All gap joints are glued and sealed. When bonding, first understand the pipe specifications, from large to small, first elbow, three-way, rear pipe, and then valve flange. The amount of bonding glue and the material interface should be slightly squeezed. The thickness of the insulation is large, and the cutting edges of each layer are staggered with each other in the case of stack insulation.

Because the various effects have achieved good results during use, the insulation tube can be promoted in the market. Better meet the needs of various advantages in the market, the effect is also very good, and become a good comprehensive performance.

Finally, we can supply the insulation tubes according to customers' requirement or samples.

We also can help customer do design their own brand , and also can print customer brand on the carton and tubes .

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