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Where can we buy insulation sheets

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The insulating plate is composed of GF (special yarn), UP(unsaturated resin), low shrinkage additive, MD (filler) and various additives. The insulation sheet is generally an organic polymer compound containing two or more epoxy groups in the molecule, and their relative molecular masses are not high except for a few. The molecular structure of the epoxy resin is characterized by the presence of an active epoxy group in the molecular chain, and the epoxy group may be located at the end, in the middle or in a ring structure of the molecular chain. Since the molecular structure contains an active epoxy group, they can be cross-linked with various types of curing agents to form an insoluble, infusible polymer having a three-dimensional network structure. With electrical insulation properties, mechanical properties, thermal stability, chemical corrosion resistance, a wide range of applications, mainly in the automotive industry, railway vehicles, electrical industry and communications engineering, bathroom, floor materials, explosion-proof electrical equipment shell, wireless communications and other fields application.
1.Various forms. Various resins, curing agents, and modifier systems can be adapted to the requirements of the form for a variety of applications, ranging from very low viscosity to high melting point solids.

2. Easy to cure. Epoxy resin system can be cured in the temperature range of 0-180 °C by using various curing agents.

3. Strong adhesion. The presence of polar hydroxyl and ether linkages inherent in the epoxy resin molecular chain provides high adhesion to a wide variety of materials. When the epoxy resin is cured, the shrinkage is low, and the internal stress generated is small, which also contributes to an improvement in adhesion strength.

4. Low shrinkage. The reaction of the epoxy resin and the curing agent used is carried out by a direct addition reaction or a ring-opening polymerization reaction of an epoxy group in a resin molecule, without the release of water or other volatile by-products. They exhibit very low shrinkage (less than 2%) during curing compared to unsaturated polyester resins and phenolic resins.

5. Mechanical properties. The cured epoxy resin system has excellent mechanical properties.

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