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Wire tube condenser quality control

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Wire tube condenser quality control

The wire tube condenser is the equipment to release the heat, which passes the heat absorbed by the evaporator together with the heat converted by the compressor to the cooling medium. The function of the wire tube condenser is to turn the gaseous snow of the low temperature and high pressure into the high temperature and low pressure liquid snow in the condensing tube after compression and capillary throttling. At the same time, a large amount of heat is released, and the cooling effect of the condensing tube becomes the liquid snow of low temperature and low pressure.

Wire tube condenser usually uses diameter 4.5-6 mm bundy tube, copper wire diameter 1.2-1.5 mm spot distance on both sides of the tube, the wire pitch is generally 5-7 mm, snake pipe in the adjacent tube center distance of 35-50 mm, the proportion of wire spacing and wire diameter is 4-4.2, ratio of steel tube and steel tube spacing the diameter is 9.1-9.4.

Wire tube condenser structure is flat type of wire on tube condenser used at the back;bended or spiral type of wire on tube condenser used at the bottom;wrapped type of tube embedded on plate,The wire tube condenser performance is surface with electrophoresis coating to prevent the corrosion;inner cleanliness can meet the requirements of CFC and R134a cooling system,Can satisfy the cooling capability requirements.

The production process of the wire on tube condenser, the CO2 condenser and the refrigerator condenser are all different. The wire tube condenser main production process:tube bending,welding,fix the bracket,weld the suction tube,leakage test,coating,folding or bending shaping,inspection,package.In the refrigerator tube condenser, the heat exchange between the air side wall and the air is natural convection heat exchange.

The wire tube condenser is used for large refrigerating products with high thermal performance. The features are as follows:
1) external installation, the air is well circulated around it, and it can provide good cooling efficiency in the limited space.
2) the flow and circulation of the refrigerant are smooth, which can reduce the load of the compressor, save energy and prolong the service life.

Wire tube condenser is used for refrigerator,freezer,water dispenser,show case.The size from 5U to 15U.Common type wire tube condenser have confirm wideth and length,without drawing also can produce.
Quality Control:
1.all the bundy tubes of the condenser will do tension test and blasting test to guarantee the raw material.
2.each condenser in the spot, if out of the weld will be manual welding time before packaging will re check, if it is found that the condenser leakage, re welding and dusting.
3.a tube that needs to be soaked in water, the outlet pipe can be used for copper pipe, or with a thermoplastic pipe.
4.salt spray test, electrophoresis is a standard of 48 hours, electrophoresis plus powder is 240 hours,
5.A part of a square, all of the tubes, and the CO2's condenser is treated by electrophoretic and powder spraying.


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