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heat pump

Views: 22     Author: Sally Qin     Publish Time: 2022-10-19      Origin: Sally Qin

HEAT PUMP (Hot Or Cool Water) +           Air Handle

We know that many families build their own houses in Europe and the United States. Some of them are in the suburbs. Unlike apartments in urban areas that have municipal central heating. So how does this kind of houses heat itself in the cold winter? A wood-burning stove? Electric stove? Natural gas fireplace?

Here we are going to learn about a new RETEKOOL system for self-constructed houses with independent heating and cooling: a combination of heat pump and fan coil.

The heat pump system is generally divided into the thermodynamic block and the outdoor unit. Of course, if the customers have demand, it can be made into an all-in-one machine - integrating the thermodynamic block and the outdoor unit in one box.

The basic accessories of the thermodynamic block are: Auxiliary Heating, Electric Three Way Valve, Water Pump, Controller PCB, Plate Heat Exchanger, Expansion Tank.

The basic accessories of the outdoor unit are:Evaporator, Fan Motor, Four-Way Valve, DC inverter Compresser Controller, Compressor, Refrigerant Valve and So on.

The main function of the thermodynamic block is to heat the water. If you need dual use, the thermodynamic block also can be designed as a heating and cooling dual mode. Then send hot or cool water out. According to your own home needs, you can connect water pipes, Water Tank or floor heating.

For example: if we set the hot water to 55 degrees and there is a controller in the thermodynamic block, it will automatically keep at 55 degrees. When the water temperature drops by five or ten degrees, the controller will automatically check the temperature changes and turn on system to heat the water. When system heated more than 55 degrees, the controller will automatically turn off, so that the water temperature has been maintained at 55 degrees. For this 55 degree hot water, we can connect the water inlet pipe, Water Tank, or floor heating.

The power of this system is not only heating, but it also can be connected to fan coils for cooling effect: cool water is produced through the thermodynamic block, and the cool water can be as low as about 0 degrees. The water not only can be used as domestic water according to the needs, but also can be connected to the fan coil units through the AIR HANDLE system, so that when we turn on the fan coil unit, it blow cool air to adjust the room temperature. Thus a set of WATER TO AIR CONDITIONER can be used .

This system can perfectly solve the needs of home heating and cooling, making the home warmer and more comfortable is the pursuit of RETEKOOL.

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