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refrigerator compressor

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Working principle of refrigerator compressor

1. Composition of refrigerator compressor

The refrigerator is composed of four major parts: compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator. According to the control or use needs, you can choose to install pressure controller, temperature controller, drying filter and other auxiliary devices, but there are many of the four major parts.

2. Liquid refrigeration

During operation, the gaseous refrigerant is compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas through the compressor, and then enters the condenser, which is equivalent to a heat exchange device to exchange the high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous refrigerant into the low-temperature and high-pressure liquid refrigerant.

3. Throttling device

The liquid refrigerant passes through the expansion valve. The so-called expansion valve is a throttling device. Since the refrigerant flowing out of the expansion valve is restrained, the pressure of the refrigerant drops and the temperature continues to drop after it comes out. (The expansion valve of the refrigerator is generally replaced by a capillary tube, which can also play a throttling role from a large tube to a small tube.).

4. Heat exchange gasification

Then it enters the evaporator. At this time, the refrigerant is heat exchanged and gasified in the evaporator, becoming a high-temperature and low-pressure gaseous refrigerant and returning to the compressor for further circulation.

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