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Function of Refrigeration Condenser

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The Refrigerator condenser is made of copper-plated steel pipe welded steel wire, coated with cathodic electrophoretic paint, the pipe is cleaned with N2 gas, and rubber plugs are set at both ends to keep the pipe clean.It keeps good air ventilation property,to ensuring better cooling efficiency in limited space. 

The Refrigerator Condenser plays an essential role in the refrigeration cycle. The main function of fridge condenser is to absorb the heat in the system and release it through the cooling medium.Heat is absorbed by the vapor refrigerant in the evaporator followed by the compression of the refrigerant by the compressor. The high pressure and high temperature state of the vapor refrigerant is then converted to liquid at the condenser. It is designed to condense effectively the compressed refrigerant vapor.

The purpose of a refrigeration condenser in the cycle of compression refrigeration is to change the hot gas being discharged from the compressor to a liquid prepared for use in the evaporator. The refrigeration condenser accomplishes this action by the removal of sufficient heat from the hot gas, to ensure its condensation at the pressure available in the condenser. The heat is shifted to another medium, like water or air, to cool the condenser.

Except the Refrigeration Condenser,The copper evaporators, heat sinks, compressors, and throttle valves are the four essential components of a refrigeration system, in which evaporators are used to deliver cooling.Compressor is the heart, which acts as the inhalation, compression, and transport of refrigerant vapor.Heat dissipation is a device that releases heat, passing the heat absorbed in the evaporator along with the heat converted by the compressor work to the cooling medium.The throttle valve acts as a throttling and depressurizing effect on the refrigerant, controls and regulates the amount of refrigerant liquid flowing into the evaporator simultaneously, and divides the system into two parts: high pressure side and low pressure another side.

In addition to the above four items, often has some extra equipment, such as solenoid valve, distributor, dryer, accumulator, fusible plug, pressure controller and other parts, they are in order to improve the operation of the economy, reliability and security.


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