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The capacitor can be installed in two ways: indoor installation and outdoor installation. The installation methods should meet the following requirements.

For Outdoor installation:

The following four aspects should be paid attention to when installing capacitors outdoors.like run capacitor

Installation location.Small capacitor can be directly mounted on the platform;Medium capacitor can be installed on the scaffolding;Large capacitor  can be installed directly on the concrete floor, but the bottom of the capacitor should be more than 0.4m away from the ground, and measures should be taken to prevent the invasion of small animals.

Platform installation requirements.The vertical distance between the bottom bracket and the ground of the capacitor mounted on the platform shall be greater than 2.5 m.The vertical distance between the live conductor and the ground shall be:

• for capacitors above 500V, the distance should be greater than 3.5m.

• for capacitors below 500V, the distance should be greater than 3m.

Capacitor small face orientation.The surface of the capacitor should be oriented in the direction of constant sun exposure to minimize the shadow of sunlight exposure.

Patrol passageways.Outdoor capacitor, if there is patrol channel, should be equipped with 1.7m high mesh screen.

For Indoor installations:

When installing capacitors indoors,like start capacitor the following seven problems should be paid attention to.

When the capacitor is installed in layers, there should be no more than three layers, and no baffles should be set between layers. The positions of the upper, middle and lower layers should be the same.The vertical distance between the capacitor bus and the upper frame should be greater than 0.2m;The bottom of the lower capacitor shall be greater than 0.3m from the ground; the bottom of the upper capacitor shall be less than 2.5m from the ground;Live part from the ground should be more than 3m, otherwise should be set up mesh screen.

Capacitors are generally arranged in a row horizontally to facilitate heat dissipation;A corridor with a width of more than 1.5m shall be left between rows to facilitate electrification detection and inspection.The distance between the same line of capacitors should be greater than 0.1m, and the capacity of a single capacitor should be greater than 0.15m if the capacity is more than 50kv.

The capacitor nameplate should face the patrol corridor and be numbered one by one to facilitate patrol;To ensure safety, a mesh screen should be installed between the capacitor and the corridor.

The incoming wire of capacitor bank can be cable or hard bus;Phase bus adopts aluminum bar;Single capacitor and busbar should be connected by soft wire, not hard busbar connection, to prevent assembly stress or electrical power damage porcelain bushing or lead rod, and the seal is broken.

If the rated voltage of the capacitor is the same as the grid voltage, the capacitor shell should be grounded with the support;When the capacitor voltage is lower than the grid voltage and star connection or series connection is adopted, the insulation level of the capacitor shell shall be higher than the rated voltage of the grid.

Capacitor Banks shall be equipped with interphase and internal component fault protection devices or fuses;Thermometers or thermographic wax plates should be installed at appropriate parts of the capacitor to monitor the operating temperature.

Any poor contact in the capacitor circuit will lead to discharge.Therefore, the connection of each part of the electrical circuit should be good and firm contact.


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