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How to clean a freezer condenser

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How to clean a freezer condenser

Freezer condenser is widely used on refrigerator and freezer and water dispenser, it is one of the important components of a normal refrigerator. Its main materials are Bundy tube, low carbon steel wire, bracket and steel plate. About structure of wire tube condenser, it has three types. First structure is flat type of wire on tube condenser which is used at the back of refrigerator; Second structure is benbed or spiral type of wire on tube condenser which is used at the bottom; the last structure is wrapped type of tube embed on plate.

Deep freezer condenser is a important role in the refrigerator and freezer, once the condenser has problem, then the refrigerator or freezer also will have a problem.It is very important to maintenance the condenser regularly. Some users don’t know how to clean the freezer condenser, today I want to talk about how to clean the  condenser for freezer.

1.When the refrigerator condenser is inside the freezer, there is no way to clean it. Just make sure there is more than a ten-centimeter gap around the refrigerator. The compressor is in the compressor housing and does not need to be cleaned. Unless you smell odors near the compressor, it means that the water tank on the compressor is too dirty. At that time, simply remove the water tank and clean it.

2. Fire alkali cleaning refrigerator condenser. First remove the stained condenser. Use a welding torch to weld the condenser tube. Then boil a pot of water. Place the unloaded condenser in a water basin, sprinkle the caustic soda onto the condenser and pour boiling water over the condenser. Pay attention not to boil hot water! When the water stays in the condenser, the oil on the condenser is automatically cleaned. Note that the time is 5-10 minutes but not too long. When the condenser is clean and needs to be cleaned in clean water, it must be cleaned. It will not reduce the life of the condenser.

3. Freezer condenser cleaning method First of all, we need to stop the operation of the cabinet, cut off the cabinet power supply, and then use clean water to clean the condenser. If you want to use the freezer after cleaning, you must wait until the condenser is completely dry before use. Or use a brush to gently clean the condenser, be careful to use a soft brush to avoid damaging the condenser.

4. It is also possible to remove the aluminum torch directly from the condenser surface by welding torch flames. Do not burn the aluminum fins too close. Burn both sides and re-use compressed air, or use rapid water. Chongqing. Very clean.

5. Cleaning agent to clean the deep freezer condenser, these cleaning effects will be much better than using only clean water to clean, but the condenser washed with detergent is easier to remove the paint, so most people will not eat this method Go to the condenser.

Of course, if there is no certain electrical knowledge, we suggest not need to disassemble the cleaning method, in case there is no clean freezer condenser but broke the refrigerator led to not cooling.


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