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How to maintain a freezer condenser

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How to maintain a freezer condenser

    Humans have learned that preserving food at lower temperatures is not easy to corrupt from a very early age, so freezers have become an integral part of people's daily lives.
    A normal freezer has a lot of components, but the most important components are compressors, condensers, evaporators and capillaries. The condenser plays a very important role in the freezer, and if the freezer condenser has problems, the freezer can’t work any more. So we should often check and clean the deep freezer condenser. In general, we rarely see freezer condensers, because condensers are usually hidden in freezer, and now most of freezers  install condensers in their outer shell on both sides. If that when the freezer compressor is operating, the condenser of both sides can immediately dissipate heat, which is more convenient.Now i will show you how to maintain the freezer condenser.
    1. When the condenser is inside the freezer, it can't be cleaned. What we can do is just to make sure there's more than ten centimeters of heat dissipation space around the fridge.
    2. Using caustic soda to clean freezer condenser. First take the Oil stained condenser off. Then weld the condenser pipe with a solder gun and bring a pot of boiling water. The next step is to put the unloaded condenser in a water basin and sprinkle the caustic soda on the condenser, and then pour the boiling water on the condenser. Now you must be careful of boiling water! When the water is diffused over the condenser, the oil on the condenser is automatically cleaned out. Note that 5-10 minutes is ok and longer time is not necessary.When the condenser is cleaned, it needs to be cleaned again in  water, or it will reduce the life of the condenser!
    3. If you think that it is very complex to take the condenser out from the freezer, we could use the flame of welding gun to burn the condenser surface directly. Pay attention not to get too close to the condenser in case burn the aluminum fins. We should burn the front and back of condenser, and then clean it with heavy water. After that, the condenser is clean.
    4. Using detergent cleans the freezer condenser, which is much better than only using water to clean, but the condenser washed with detergent is easier to remove the paint, so most people do not use this method to clean the condenser.
    In summary, they are the ways to clean the freezer condenser. If you know little about electrical knowledge, I suggest that you choose not to remove the condenser from freezer, in case you will not clean the condenser but break the freezer. The refrigerator condenser cleaning method can also refer to the above method, hoping to help you.


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