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Refrigerator Condenser Definition

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One normal working refrigerator has many different parts,the most important parts is compressor,condenser,evaporator and copper capillary tube.As we know,compressor as heart of refrigerator,play a very important role, then do you now about refrigerator condenser. Actually condenser for fridge also make a key impact .

The essence of refrigerator condenser is for heat exchange.When condenser working,condenser can transfer refrigerant gas from compressor (high temperature and high pressure ) to liquid,then the heat quantity of refrigerator tube will be be transferred to the air, liquid refrigerant gas(high pressure and normal temperature) will be send back to compressor.So strictly speaking,working process of refrigerator condenser is heat dissipation.When refrigerator working, it is hard to avoid heating process, so condenser is definitely necessary.

Now we already know how condenser workers in refrigerator,so next question is what materials are typical fridge condensers made of?Main material is Bundy tube( Ø4.76,Ø6,Ø6.35,Ø8,Ø9.52,wall thickness 0.7),low carbon steel wire(Ø1.0-1.6.),steel plate(SPCC thickness 0.3-0.4).Surface with electrophoresis coating to prevent the corrosion.Inner cleanliness can meet the requirement of CFC&R134A cooling system.Can satisfy different cooling capability requirements.

There are several type of condenser in refrigerator,and different type condenser use on different place.Usually flat type of wire tube condenser used at the back,bended or spiral condenser used at the bottom,wrapped type of tube embed on plate.

Our company - JINAN RETEK INDUSTRIES INC, have advanced production equipment,powerful technical team,completely quality control system. Our production capacity is wire condenser:20,000 pcs/day and Louver condenser ,spiral condenser:10,000 pcs /day.Through persistent effort,our condenser now export to more than 70 countries,are greatly welcomed by customers.Now our wire condenser model including:wire tube condenser,spiral condenser,co2 condenser,louver condenser ,spiral condenser and tube plate condenser.

We can produce according to the drawing or sample supplied by clients,also can help the clients design and produce different condensers.We also welcome customers all over the world to visit our company and hope we can have chance to set up business relationship for further!


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