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There are many types of capacitors for example:run capacitor,start capacitor .  different types of capacitors have different functions. Why would you use a capacitor? let's have a look 

In the central air conditioning system, electrolytic capacitors are often used as the filter components in the control circuit, and non-polar capacitors are connected in series in the windings of the compressor (single-phase asynchronous) motor, so that when the motor starting winding is started, the current leads the operation beyond the start-up. The current is at a phase angle to obtain the starting torque, making the motor easy to start

The role of capacitors in household appliances:

1. Coupling: The capacitor used in the coupling circuit is called the coupling capacitor. In the RC-capacitor and other capacitive coupling circuits, this kind of capacitor circuit is used in large quantities to isolate DC-DC.

2. Filtering: The capacitor used in the filter circuit is called a filter capacitor. This capacitor circuit is used in power supply filtering and various filter circuits. The filter capacitor removes the signal in a certain frequency band from the total signal.

3, high-frequency vibration: the capacitor used in the high-frequency vibration-absorbing circuit is called high-frequency vibration-absorbing capacitor. In the audio negative feedback amplifier, in order to eliminate the high-frequency self-excitation that may occur, this capacitor circuit is used. Eliminate high frequency howling that may occur with the amplifier.

4. Resonance: Capacitors used in LC resonant circuits are called resonant capacitors, and such capacitor circuits are required in both LC parallel and series resonant circuits.

5. Frequency division: The capacitor in the frequency division circuit is called the frequency division capacitor. In the speaker frequency division circuit of the speaker, the frequency division capacitor circuit is used to make the high frequency speaker work in the high frequency band, and the intermediate frequency speaker works in the middle frequency band. The woofer operates in the low frequency range.

6. Load capacitance: refers to the effective external capacitance that determines the resonant frequency of the load together with the quartz crystal resonator. Standard values commonly used for load capacitors are 16pF, 20pF, 30pF, 50pF, and 100pF. The load capacitance can be adjusted according to the specific situation. The adjustment can generally adjust the operating frequency of the resonator to the nominal value .

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