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What Does A Run Capacitor Do?

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Run Capacitor is a kind of capacitor, besides starting capacitor. Run Capacitor have many advantages, such as low dissipation, high insulation resistance, good self-hatred, high impact current, strong overload capacity, stable electrical performance, safety and reliability, etc. Operating capacitors are also suitable for air conditioning, refrigerators and other occasions. 

The running capacitor is often associated with the starting capacitor. The single-phase current flowing through the single-phase motor cannot generate a rotating magnetic field. Therefore, for a single-phase motor, a starting winding must be added, and the capacitor is used to separate the phases so that the current in the two windings. A phase difference of approximately 90 degree is produced to generate a rotating magnetic field. The starting winding of a single-phase motor is mostly used at start up. Once the motor is started, the centrifugal switch disconnects the starting capacitor from the power supply, thereby disconnecting the starting winding; however, there is another operating mode, next to the starting capacitor, and Connect a capacitor (running capacitor), the motor starts, in normal operation, the centrifugal switch cuts off the starting capacitor, but does not cut off the running capacitor and start winding, that is, start the winding, participate in the normal operation of the motor, this only The capacitor is called the operating capacitor. This way of working can increase the output power of a single-phase motor.

The run capacitor is to shift the alternating current into the secondary winding to form an alternating magnetic field, and form an approximately circular elliptical rotating magnetic field with the alternating magnetic field of the main winding. So he can be the same kind of capacitor, but its performance is different.

The starting capacitor is used to energize the start coil of a single motor at start up and to open after start up.

Running the capacitor is to let the motor get the capacitor compensation during operation. The starting capacitor is necessary, and it can't be less. The running capacitor can confirm whether to increase the running capacitor according to the requirements of the motor.

The capacity of the starting capacitor is large, so the starting current is large, and a large starting torque can be obtained, but the long-term operation will cause the starting winding to generate heat. When the start up is completed, the centrifugal switch switches to a smaller capacity operating capacitor to maintain the rotating magnetic field and avoid heating of the starting winding.

The starting capacitor is a short-time operation, the withstand voltage requirement is above 250V, and the running capacitor needs to work for a long time, requiring a withstand voltage of 400V or higher. To choose the different capacity capacitor according to the motor or compressor power and voltage.

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