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What does the refrigerator condenser do?

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                                    What does the refrigerator condenser do?

The condenser used in refrigeration cooling system. Normally we could see it from home appliance, super market, for example refrigerator, freezer, icebox, show case. There is different size and model, tube plate condenser, wire tube condenser, air cooled wire condenser, drum condenser, spiral condenser, shutter condenser.
Condenser is a important accessories for the whole system. Compressor, condenser, evaporator, filter drier and access valve are the main parts for a cooling system. They worked together to effect cooling function for refrigeration equipment. Of course, to have cooling function, we have to inject refrigerant gas into the system.
To know the function of refrigerator condenser, we have to know the structure of the fridge condenser first. The structure of the condenser: The condenser is a sealed tube, and there is an auxiliary heat dissipation device outside the tube. It is part of the refrigeration system. According to the flow direction of the refrigeration system, the condenser head is connected to the compressor, and the tube is connected to a throttling device (such as a capillary tube).
With knowledge of the refrigerator condenser structure, next is the working principle. The working principle of the condenser: The compressor presses the vapor state refrigeration into the condenser, because the condenser tube ends with a throttling device, the vapor state cooling economy cannot flow out of the condenser smoothly, so the pressure of the vaporous refrigeration in the condenser is increased. Large, elevated temperature (temperature increase after compression is a physical phenomenon of gas). When the high-temperature gaseous refrigerant flows from the head to the end of the tube, the heat is dissipated by the condenser, and the high-temperature gaseous refrigerant condenses into a low-temperature liquid refrigerant. This is the name of the condenser.
Here we will introduce the principle of refrigeration, which could help us know better about refrigeration condenser working principle. When the liquid cryogenic system at low temperature enters the evaporator through the capillary tube, because the evaporator space is too large for the capillary tube, the liquid refrigeration system will rapidly evaporate into a vapor state, and at the same time absorb the heat of the evaporator and make the evaporator temperature. Decline to complete the cooling effect. The evaporator is also a closed tube. In principle, the evaporator and the condenser are mutually identical. However, the actual application is different. The cold and hot air-conditioning is accomplished through the application of refrigeration and control to the device (solenoid valve) to achieve the conversion of cooling/heating.
For general, the role of condenser is a heat exchange device, it use the ambient cooling medium (air or water), the high temperature and high pressure refrigeration vapor from the compressor to take away heat, so that high temperature and high pressure refrigerant vapor cooling, condensing into a high pressure refrigerant liquid at room temperature . It is worth mentioning that, in the process of converting the refrigerant vapor into a refrigerant liquid, the pressure is constant and remains high pressure.
The above is an introduction to what fridge condensers do. If you want to learn more about refrigerator condensers, visit our website :www.retekool.com.


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