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What is refrigerator condenser

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The refrigerator condenser is one type of heat exchanger in the refrigeration system. Its function is to cooling the high pressure, high temperature gas which output from the compressor, at the same time to dissipation the heat to the surrounding, then the refrigerant will become the high temperature low temperature refrigerant. It can be installed on the side of the refrigerator, and also can install on the behind of the refrigerator. In the refrigeration system, the size and position of the condenser directly affect the refrigeration capacity and cooling rate of the refrigerator system.

The refrigeration condenser can be water cooling type and air cooling type. According to the structure, the air cooling type condenser can be louver condenser, wire tube condenser, tube plate condenser .The water cooling type will be copper tube aluminium fin condensers. Air cooling type condenser usually made by bundy tube and steel wire. Water cooling type condenser made by copper tube and aluminium fin. As the different material,the copper condenser cost will be higher than bundy tube condenser. But the performance of the copper condenser will be higher than bundy tube condenser. Because as the water to be the cooling medium, it will be better for the refrigeration systems.

The material request of the condensers are as follows:

1.Condenser coil pipe is made of single or double roll welded steel pipe. 

2.The cooling plate (wing) of the condenser should be obey GB/T 11253 medium steel sheet. 

2.The wire tube used for condensers should be in line with low carbon steel wire which is commonly used in GB/T 343. 

3.Size and allowable deviation shall be executed according to the drawing. 

The refrigerator condenser model and size will be different for different refrigerators, freezer, showcase, or water dispensers. The cooling capacity will be different .Before production, have to confirm all the detailed specification and design the drawing. If supply the sample, also can produce as the samples. The drawing confirm well, then produce the condenser. 

The refrigerator condensers plays a very important role in the whole refrigeration system.It is a device to release the heat, and suck in the evaporator.The absorbed heat will be transferred into the coolant medium together with the heat transferred through the compressor’s work.Usually,the refrigeration principle in refrigerator is compressing the  lower pressure steam into a higher pressure steam.In this way,the volume of steam can be decreased and the pressure can be increased in the same time.


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