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What is the function of capacitor

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One of our important products is capacitor,it special isrun capacitor and starter capacitor,it is mainly used for air conditioner and motor,we are mainly engaged in the development and production of metallized film capacitors.

What is the function of capacitor?let me show you about it

The capacitor is composed of an insulating dielectric sandwiched between two metal electrodes. When a voltage is applied between the two metal electrodes, the charge is stored on the electrode, so the capacitor is an energy storage element,also one of the most commonly used electronic components. Any two conductors that are insulated from each other and are close together to form a capacitor,widely used in the circuit of the pass-through, coupling, bypass, filtering, tuning loop, energy conversion, control, etc.

Capacitors are mainly used in AC circuits and pulse circuits. In DC circuits, capacitors generally function to block DC. The resistor can only consume electrical energy and is converted into heat energy. The capacitor can be charged when the battery is connected.

Energy storage is the primary function of a capacitor. Capacitors are very common in many electronic components and come in different sizes,they can be used to: store electrical energy (such as supercapacitors used in electric buses in Shanghai); voltage after buffering current (terminology: filtering); isolated DC through AC (term: AC coupling)

The air conditioning capacitor is a device that activates the motor. If the motor does not rotate after being energized, it means that the capacitor is broken. Once the capacitor is damaged, the air conditioner will not work properly. Therefore, the capacitor is a very important device for air conditioning.

CBB65 series capacitor are also used for air conditioning,compressor,cold dryer or other single-phase power supply system asynchronous motor and three-phase asynchronous motor use single phase power supply.

CBB60 series capacitor are applicable to water pump,washing 

machine,smoke lampblack machine or other single-phase power supply system asynchronous motor and three-phase asynchronous motor use single phase power supply.

CBB61 series are applicable to fan,air conditioning,blower or others to do power supply.

CD60 capacitor starter capacitor mainly used to high torqud motor start,such as air conditioning,freezer and compressor.

CBB80 lamp compensation capacitor applicable to start and compensation of high pressure sodium lamp improve power factor.

All these capacitors are small volume,light weight,high insulation resistance,high withstand voltage,low dissipation factor,good self-healing and stable performance.

We have strong development center and experienced technical service team,and it has passed the ISO9001,ISO14001 system certification.

Our main capacitors are the series of CBB60,CBB61,CBB65 AC motor capacitor,CBB66 of explosion proof type capacitor for metal halide lamp,CBB80 of power factor compensation capacitors for tubular fluorescent lamps and other discharge lamps,BCMJ of self healing low voltage shunt capacitor,AKMJ and BKMJ of filter capacitor,CBG of track circuit compensation capacitor,DC-Link of metallized polypropylene film dielectric capacitors with DC support capacitors and other special capacitors.

The products passed the CQC,TUV,VDE and CSA etc.domestic and international certification,goods are exported to many countries in the world and enjoy high reputation.

Welcome to any enquiry from all customers,we are looking forward to build long time business relationship with you.

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