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Wire Tube Condenser Technology

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Condenser is a refrigeration part with its heat absorbed from the evaporator and the waste heat produced during the operation of the compressor. The heat  was released into the open air and the overheat vapor from the compressor is condensed into liquid.

Due to high price of copper tube recent years, the market require a new cheaper replacement of the copper condenser. To meet the market demand, after a long-term design, test and improvement, We developed a series of efficient air cooled wire tube condenser. For which, we increase the heat radiation areas and tube length, and design to make sure the same heat exchange effect. The air cooled wire tube condenser cost is more than 40% lower than the copper one, and is well received by the customers.

To improve efficiency, We usually increase the surface area of the object to be cooled, or to increase the rate of air flow through the object per unit of time, or to share the two methods. The former can be achieved by adding heat sinks to the surface of the object. Usually, the heat sink is hung outside the object or fixed on the object to make the heat dissipation more efficient. The latter can use fans to enhance ventilation and enhance cooling. In most cases, adding cooling fins can greatly improve cooling efficiency.

The main process of wire tube condenser is tube bend - welding - fix the bracket - weld the suction tube - leakage test - cleaning - coating -folding or bending shaping - inspection - packing. The main material is 1.bundy tube are Φ4.76, Φ6, Φ6.35, Φ8, Φ9.52, wall thickness 0.7 2.low carbon steel wire Φ 1.0 -1.6    3.bracket:steel plate(SPCC), thickness 0.6-1.5  4.steel plate:SPCC thickness 0.3-0.4. The main packing is cartons, wooden cases, pallets. We can pack according to customer’s require. The most common packing is cartons plus pallets, wooden cases. Because the cost of cartons is high, so we suggest to choose wooden cases now.

We can produce according to the drawing or sample supplied by clients, also can help clients design and produce different condenser.Our condenser products include Refrigerator Condenser,New Co2 Condenser and so on.So if you choose us, you will enjoy the best service experience.

Nowadays, our products have been widely used. like refrigerator, freezer, showcase, water dispenser air conditioner, cold room and so on. And we take an active parts in all kinds of exhibitions at home and abroad, like China Canton Fair, the Refrigeration Exhibition, and every year we go to Pakistan, Thailand, Russia, Mexico and other country’s exhibition. Our products has received recognition greatly,Any problems about products, Welcome to consult us. Hope we can cooperate in the future.

wire tube condenser


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