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how to make condenser/evaporator/heat exchanger coils

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How to make a copper coil heat exchanger

As our company main products copper coil heat exchanger,It is widely used in a variety of applications such as refrigerators, freezers and other refrigeration tools manufacturers or alternatives in the home and business sectors.

We mainly supply copper coil heat exchangers for manufacturers of condensing unit such as refrigerators and freezers, wholesalers and distributors.

To make the copper coil heat exchanger, it’s main material including:

copper pipe, the common diameter we can supply isΦ7(1/4”/6.35)

Φ7.94(5/16”), Φ9.52(3/8”).  galvanized plate, aluminum fins etc.

Our main fin mold including:

1) Φ9.52, 4Rx16T Pitch: 25mm, line spacing 21.65mm, cross arranged

2) Φ9.52, hole spacing: 25mm, line spacing 21.65mm, copper fins

3) Φ7, hole pitch: 21, line spacing 12.7mm, hydrophilic aluminum foil, cross arrangement, isosceles triangle

4) Φ12 (1/2"), pitch: 35mm, line spacing 35mm, square arrangement

5) Φ7.94 (5/16"), pitch: 25mm, line spacing 21.65mm, cross arrangement, equilateral triangle

6) Φ9.52 (3/8"), pitch: 25mm, line spacing 21.65mm, cross arrangement, equilateral triangle

7) Φ15.88 (5/8”), pitch: 50mm, line spacing 50mm, square arrangement

8) Φ12.7 (1/2"), pitch: 31.75mm, line spacing 27.5mm, cross arranged.

In order to make copper coil heat exchanger, the simple process is:

straightening & cutting copper tube:

Sometimes we use fully automatic machine, and sometimes we do it by manual.

Aluminum foil:

According to aperture, hole distance, number of holes, line spacing, chip spacing, number of rows, and number of fins,

Manually adjust the mold, cut the knife, and punch the rolled aluminum foil into the fins on the machine.

Copper tube insert with above aluminum fin:

Remove the stamped and cut aluminum fins, install the side baffle, and insert the bent copper tube into the aluminum fin hole through the baffle hole.

Tube expansion:

Put it on the tube expander, with the side of the baffle facing down, the other side of the baffle on the upper side,  start the machine, and expand the tube. (The diameter of the copper tube becomes larger and tightly bonded to the aluminum fins)

Degreasing: Put them into an oven.

Welding copper elbows.

Automatic  welding and manual welding.

In the first case: if piping is not required, leave one inlet and one outlet at each end.

The second case: if piping is required, leave the corresponding pipe hole without installing the elbow.

Impurity: Take one end of the inflatable gun and vent it at one end.

Welding corners (or welded pipes, no corners or piping, directly bet plugs)

Nitrogen test. The fins are bent, manually trimmed.

Drying  (water removal): put in the oven.

Then packed by carton and pallets.

In order to make the correct copper coil heat exchanger,

Pls provide below data:

Copper tube: diameter, wall thickness.

Aluminum sheet: thickness, fin spacing, color (white, blue)

plate; length, width, height (thickness), hole (size and diameter, hole pitch), iron plate or aluminum plate.

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