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what is a run capacitor

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BB65 features:
This capacitor takes heavy-edge metalized AL/ZN PP film as dielectric,coiled by high speed winding machine,liquid filled aluminum case and protective device structure with.. It is treated by using refined castor oil or wax as an impregnant in the high temperature and vacuum environment to make the capacitor more stable with long working life. Meanwhile based on the principle of safety and proof-explosion,this kind of capacitors has been used the second age mechanical explosion prevent design to strengthen the reliability. The product adopts single and combined structures.
The products is suitable for home appliances like air-conditioners,air coolers,freezers and washing  machine.etc
Air conditioner capacitor technical specifications:
Working temperature range:              40/70/21
Rated voltage range:                           450VAC,440VAC,370VAC,300VAC,250VAC
Rated capacitance range:                  3-100μf
Dissipation factor:                                Tan≤0.002(50Hz)
Rated tolerance of capacitance:        ±5%,±10%
Testing voltage:                                     between leading-out ends:1.75UR 10S no break down
Insulation resistance:                          between leading-out ends: ≥3000MΩ, μf
Safety class:                                           PO,P1

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