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What causes a run capacitor to fail ?

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Run capacitor produced by JINAN RETEKOOL INC.(JINAN RETEK INDUSTRIES INC.) is being widely used in various refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment,like refrigerators,washing machine ,and air conditioner etc.

But if we operate improperly , it is easy to fail. Now let us state it carefully.

Firstly, confirm the using and installation environment. Use capacitors within the rated performance range and specify it in the product design specification. Avoid using the following conditions:

a, High temperature (temperature exceeds the maximum use temperature).

b. Over current (current exceeds the rated ripple current). When the applied ripple current exceeds the rated value, the capacitor body will overheat, the capacity will decrease, and the life will be shortened.

c. Over voltage (voltage exceeds rated voltage), when the voltage applied to the capacitor is higher than the rated working voltage, the leakage current of the capacitor will rise, and its oxygen property will deteriorate in a short period of time until it is damaged.

d. Apply reverse voltage or AC voltage. When the DC aluminum electrolytic capacitor is connected to the circuit in reverse polarity, the capacitor will cause the electronic circuit to be short-circuited, and the resulting current will cause damage to the capacitor. If it is possible to apply a positive voltage to the negative lead in the circuit, a non-polar capacitor is selected.

e. Used in circuits that repeatedly charge and discharge abruptly, such as fast charging applications, the service life may be reduced due to capacity drop, temperature rise, etc.

f. In direct contact with water, salt water, oil or knot It is forbidden to use capacitors in exposed environments, environments with harmful gases (sulfide, ammonia, etc.), direct sunlight, ozone, ultraviolet light, and radioactive materials, vibrations, and shock conditions that exceed the limits of the sample and specifications.

g.When the capacitor is installed, there is space above the explosion-proof valve of the capacitor, avoiding wiring and other components on the top of the explosion valve, and surrounding the start capacitor and the circuit board to avoid heating components.

Secondly, in the process of capacitor installation, you should also pay attention to the following aspects, otherwise it will cause the capacitor to fail:

A.   used capacitors can no longer be used, but can be removed as a cycle check to test electrical performance.

B.    If the capacitor is charged, discharge it with a resistor of about 1kΩ before use;

C. If the capacitor is stored under conditions of more than 35 ° C and humidity greater than 70%, the leakage current may rise, and the rated voltage may be applied by a resistor of about 1 kΩ before use;

D. Confirm the rated capacity, voltage and polarity of the capacitor before installation.

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