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Structure and use of refrigerator condenser

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       The condenser is also named heating exchanger,Just as its name implies, its purpose is to dissipate heat. Very use widely inside the air conditioners, automobiles, refrigerators and other electrical appliances and machinery, they all have their presence. Today we mainly talk about the structure and use of the refrigerator condenser.

       The fridge  Condenser is mainly welded with copper-coated steel pipes and iron wires. There are  Flat type, Spiral etc,After painting the condenser  The color will be black.In life, when we go to buy a refrigerator at supermarket, some old models of refrigerators  will have a black sheet-like product hanging behind them, which is the refrigerator condenser we are talking about here.

      The fridge Condenser is one of the channels of heat conversion in the refrigeration system. During work, it dissipates the heat from the high-pressure, high-temperature refrigerant gas delivered by the compressor to the outside of the refrigerator. During the process of the refrigerant gas, the heat is dissipated and liquefied, and is converted into a normal-temperature, high-pressure refrigerant liquid. The refrigerator Condenser has various forms. It is divided into natural convection cooling and forced convection cooling. The natural convection cooling is based on natural gas flowing through the surface of the condenser to allow the heat energy of the condenser to diverge. The forced convection cooling method uses an electric fan to force the gas to flow through the surface of the condenser, thereby cooling the condenser. The natural convection condenser is generally a refrigerator with a capacity of 300 L or less, and the forced convection condenser is a refrigerator with a capacity of 300 L or more.

       Now we know the function of the refrigerator condenser,these features are not available in the deep  freezer condenser and CO2 condenser, but in the life we will have some problem of refrigerator, sometimes the condenser for refrigeration  breaks down, If we ask the professional  person to repair it,the expense is too expensive, but we also can not repair it by oneself, how should this do? Now Most of our condenser for fridge are assembled inside Refrigerator, it is Difficult if we take apart the refrigerators. So if it has a problem, we can hang a wire tube  condenser from the back of the refrigerator and connect the original inside of the refrigerator To this, Then will solve the problem.


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