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Roll Condenser Coils For Refrigerator

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Roll Condenser Coils For Refrigerator

Main material : 1. Bundy Tube : Φ4.76 ,Φ6 ,Φ6.35,Φ8,Φ9.52 , Wall thickness : 0.7mm

                              2.Low carbon steel wire : Φ1.0~1.6mm

                              3.Bracket : Steel Plate (SPCC) ,thickness 0.6~1.5mm

                              4.Steel plate : SPCC , thickness 0.3~0.4mm


 Structure : 1. Flate type of wire on tube condenser used at the back

                      2. Bended or spiral type of wire on tube condenser used at the botton

                      3. wrapped type of tube plate condenser


 Performance : 1. Surface with electrophoresis coating to prevent corrosion

                             2. Inner cleaness can meet requirement of R134A ,CO2 , cooling system

                             3. Can meet different cooling capacity requirement .


 Main production process : tube bending — welding —fix the bracket— welding inle and outlet tube —leakage test—              coating—floding and bending —inspection—package


 Technical ability : wire pitch »5mm

 Specification of R134a refrigerator
   Residual moisture       ≤20mg/
   Residual impurity       ≤30mg/
   Residual mineral oil    ≤7mg/
   Residual chlorine       ≤0.3mg/
   Residual paraffin       ≤0.2mg/
 Specification of coating
 Coating thickness thickness of cathodic electrophoresis Coating≥18μm;
 Hardness of coating   ≥2H
 Impact of coating    50cm .kg/cm impact, no crack
 Adhesion of coating   ≥two grade
 Flexibility of coating Around R=3D bebd 180°,no crack or no fall off
 Color tolerance of     E≤1.5
 Corrosion resistant (salt spray GB2423) ≥150h.
 We can provide the product according customer's drawing or samples.



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