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As a professional manufacturer of refrigeration parts in China, we can make different design products according to customer's requirement. Our main products are refrigeration Evaporator, sub zero freezer condenser,roll bond evaporator, Copper filter drier and so on.We are the best price, best quality for your service, we look forward to working with you for your cooperation.



Tube Bender

Lever type tube bender (CT-364A-04/05/06/08/10/12/14 )
Each tool bends one size.
1. Each tool bends one size.
2. For bending soft copper, brass, aluminium, steel, stainless steel and other very thinner metals.
3. Calibrated marking with red color to show angle of bend, wide hook grips tugging securely.
4. Makes smooth short radius bends up to 180 degreen with minimum effort, No marking,
    scraping or flattening of tubing.
5. New fixed hook tube benders furnished have easy 90degreen start-require much less effort to make fast,   accurate bends
We can supply all kinds of refrigeration tools, cutters,flaring tools, swaging tool kits, eccentric cone type flaring tools, lever tube expanding tool kit, hydraulis tube expander tool kit, multi bender kit, swaging punch, benders, lever type tube bender......more inforamtion and more models pls feel free to contact me at any time!


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