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As a professional manufacturer of refrigeration parts in China, we can make different design products according to customer's requirement. Our main products are refrigeration Evaporator, sub zero freezer condenser,roll bond evaporator, Copper filter drier and so on.We are the best price, best quality for your service, we look forward to working with you for your cooperation.



Wire Tube Condenser

Wire tube condenser are widely used in high cooling performance required large refrigeration product, it is suit for such as refrigerators, freezers and water coolers, water dispensers and so on. wire and tube condenser need to be well ventilated when installed externally to ensure better cooling efficiency. The smooth flow of refrigerant helps to reduce the load on the compressor, saving energy and extending its service life. The structure is welded with steel wire, electrophoretic paint (black). Condenser of wire tube also include freezer condenser,co2 condenser,refrigerator condenser,etc.We may supply the item according to customers' drawings or samples.


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