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Refrigerator Freezer embossed aluminum plate

Range of thickness: 0.3 0.6 (mm)
Maximum width: 1100 (mm)
Technical parameters
Pure aluminum alloy:
Hardness: hard full/half hard
Mechanical strength: 143 or higher (mpa)
Yield strength: 129 or higher (mpa)
Elongation rate: 2% or higher
The total reflectance: 85% aluminum (grey)
Diffuse reflection rate: 12% or less
The tolerance range
Thickness tolerance: 0.2- 0.5 + / - 0.03 (mm)
The typical tolerance range: 0.2 - 0.5 + / - 0.015  0.6 0.8 + / - 0.025 (mm)
The width of the tolerance: + 5.00 / - 5.00 (mm)
Protective film, protective film on the surface of the aluminum quality assurance period for five months, aluminum is kept dry and ventilated, avoid heat and direct sunlight. If the aluminium material stored in high temperature or direct sunlight can lead to protective film, or unable to tear in addition to wait for a phenomenon.
Coil: upright wooden pallet packaging.
Plate: packed in wooden cases or wooden pallet packaging.


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