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Insulated ac Copper Coil Copper Tube

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Product Description

 Insulated copper tube air conditioning aluminum connecting  pipe

 Technical standard of copper aluminum connecting pipe:

(1)Welding point: no pores,cracks,slag,burrs and burn,not fusion,no obvious oxide film,no plug hole without significantly reduced(Φ6.3hole is larger than 3.0mm);

(2)Air tightness: using a high pressure for 4.0MPa pressure for 5 minutes, no leakage;

(3)Pressure: after the air tightness check is qualified, slowly press the pressure to 13MPa,keep for 1 minute, without any cracks ;

(4)Bending: The sample is bent into a curved core diameter of 2 times than the nominal diameter of the pipe,after bending 180 degrees, the pipe does not produce wrinkles and cracks;

(5)Tensile strength: The tensile strength is at 65-118mpa, the pull part is on the side of the aluminum pipe, and the weld is above 10mm;

(6)KTG: Shrink good, sealed accessories have been melted, completely wrapped in copper aluminum joints, the seal can not turn.

Our Advantage

1.A long life: the outer surface of copper-aluminum connecting pipe with a cross-linked polyethylene (hot pipe) so antiseptic treatment to ensure the separation of water and moist air on the corrosion of aluminum tubes, life is more than 20 years.

2. Low cost anti-oxidation: copper-aluminum connecting pipe ends and the valve does not exist Jiechu oxidation corrosion and so easy to produce quality risk, copper and aluminum pipe to connect both ends of the brass, to avoid the occurrence of this problem and achieve a lower cost purpose

3. High cleanliness: as between copper and aluminum pipe without welding, but by cold access connection, to avoid all the high-temperature welding caused by the surface oxide production, so do not need any treatment can achieve cooling pipe The cleaning requirements.

4. Good insulation properties: air conditioning is needed to connect pipe insulation, and to improve the air conditioner's energy efficiency, should further improve the connection pipe insulation performance. 

5. Safety performance: copper-aluminum connecting pipe bursting pressure and allow the copper connecting pipe burst pressure to allow the same design pressure are 13.0Mpa

6.Bending excellent performance, easy to install, move machine: aluminum than brass soft, copper-aluminum connecting pipe copper tube design is 1.5 times the wall thickness



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