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Mono-blocks for Cold Storage Room

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Mono-Blocks for Frzeer Rooms
  • LYJ63MY

Mono-blocks for Cold Storage Room,mono-blocks for cold storage tank,Cold Storage Air Cooled Small Mono-Blocks

lyj condensing unit Product description

The LYJ series of machine, called Integrated machine for cold storage, that integrate evaporator, condenser, compressor, electrical control units into one compact body. It can be widely used for small cooled and cold storage room of Temperature of  C, in hotels, restaurants, medicines, agricultural, chemicals industries all other place where cold storage is needed.  

It is wall mounted types

wall mount mono-block.jpg

mono-block for cold room.jpg

There are above two type,which can be used for small cold rooms of tempreture -5°C-5°C,

Heat exchangers with high efficient in grooved copper tube and aluminim fin.

With world famous brand of hemetic compressors and refrigeration parts for all products.

Intelectual controls with automatic tempreture set,tempreture control and automatic defrosting.

Easy,labor saving for installation

Hot gas defrosting

Refrigerant R404a


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