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New Co2 Condenser coil for Coca Cola Visi Cooler

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Tube of condenser:welded coiled steel tubing 4.76-6.35*0.71mm
Cooling wire:Low carbon steel wire 1.4-1.6mm
Mounting:Cold-rolled plate T=0.6-2.0mm
Structure:Wires welded with bundy tube
Product performance
1)Electrophoresis coating for corrosion resistance
2)Internal cleanliness up to CFC/R134a cooling system requirements
3)Meet the performance requirements of designed refrigerator/freezer
R134a cooling system internal piping standards:
Residual moisture ≤30 mg/m2
esidual impurity ≤20 mg/m2
Residual mineral oil ≤7 mg/m2
Residual chloride ≤3 mg/m2
Residual paraffin≤3 mg/m2
Maxminum single impurity
Coating quality performance standards:
Coating thickness cathodic eletrophoresis coating thickness≥18um
Hardness of coating ≥2H
Impact of coating: 50cm.kg/cm impact,no crack
Adhesion of coating ≥2
Flexibility of coating:Flex R3D,Flex angle 180,coating no crack,no strip
Corrosion resistance(sald spray test GB2423)Cathodic elextrophoresis ≥150h

  • RTK-CO2-01
  • 8418999990

New Co2 Condenser coil for Coca Cola Visi Cooler 

The Co2 Condenser  Main material: 1. Bundy Tube: Dia 4.76, 6, 6.35, 8, 9.52, wall thickness 0.7

                          2. Low carbon steel wire dia 1.0-1.6

                          3. Bracket: steel plate (SPCC), thickness 0.6-1.5

                          4. Steel plate : SPCC thickness 0.3-0.4

Refrigerator CO2 condenser main production process: Tube Bending, Welding, Fix the bracket, Weld the suction tube, Leakage test, Coating, Folding or bending shaping, Inspection, Package

Technical ability: wire pitch ≥5mm

CO2 condenser coil performance: 1. Surface with electrophoresis coating to prevent the corrosion.

                        2. Inner cleaness can meet the requirement of CFC & R134a cooling system

                        3. Can satisfy different cooling capability requirements

Capacity: 3 million sets per year ( 8500 sets per day)

We can produce according to the drawing or sample supplied by clients, also can help the clients design and produce different Good Quality Steel CO2 condenser.


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