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R404A Refrigerant Gas R404A Refrigerant Gas


R404A Refrigerant Gas

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1. High purity, sufficient gas 2. Good service, competitive price 3. Delivery: 8-15 days 4. OEM is ok 1. Description of refrigerant gas cylinder: Refrigerant gas cylinder is mainly used to substitute CFC12 as refrigerant in car conditioning and refrigerating and Refrigerating in refrigerator. Also known as Freon-134A. Under normal temperature for the odorless and colorless gas. Boiling point -26.5 ° C, the freezing point -101 ° C 1.202g/cm3 liquid density. Critical temperature 100.6 ° C Critical pressure 40.03 × 105. Low toxicity, and flame resistant, low chemical reactivity and high stability. PCE fluoride can be obtained CFC-113, via isomerization, fluoride and hydrogen obtained; PCE or fluorinated obtained HCFC-123 and then by fluoride and hydrogen obtained; TCE also as the raw material, fluoride in HCFC-133A, and fluoride system in the product. In refrigeration systems, medical and certain spray foam application is CFC-12 is the preferred alternative. Physical properties Molecular formula CH2FCF3 Molecular weight 102.03 Boiling point 101.3KPa(° C) -26.10 Freezing point 101.3KPa (° C) -96.60 Density 30° C(kg/m3) 1188.10 Critical temperature (° C) 101.10 Critical pressure (MPa) 4.06 ODP 0.000 GWP 1300.00 Quality index Purity no less than 99.90% Water content no more than 0.001% Acidity no more than 0.0001% Evaporation residue no more than 0.01% Chloride content — Appearance Colorless and clear Odor Odorless 2. Applications: Refrigerant gas is used in household, industrial and commercial airconditioning systems. It can also be used as an aerosol propellant for pesticide and paint, or as a fire extinguishing agent. It is a primary feedstock for fluoropolymers. 3. Other models: Refrigerant gas R134A, r22, r404A, r407c, r410A, r406A, r11, r12, r32, r141b, r142b, r123, r152A, r125, r290, r401A, r408A, r409A, r415b, r417A, r502, r507A, r600A etc. In addition, we also are professional in doing Compressor, Refrigerating Oil, Air Conditioning etc. 4. Our products' advantages: Having the certificates of SGS/ROHS/PONY/ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO16949. High efficiency, safe, energy saving, environmentally friendly, Economical. 5. MOQ: Usually, For cans package, the MOQ is 200PCS; For cylinder package, the MOQ is 50PCS; Others is Case by case. 6. Package list: Non-refillable cylinder: 30lbs/13.6kg, 50lbs/22.7kg; Refillable cylinder: 12L, 926L, 1000L; Small can: 200g, 300g, 340g, 390g, 450g, 500g, 700g, 1kg Can packing ISO-Tank. 6. Storage&transportation: Refrigerant gas is packed in appropriate cylinders or tanks(or tank cars). It is to be kept in cool and dry place, without being exposed to heat source, sunlight and raining. In case the cylinder, valves and other accessories are damaged, it should be handled with care. It is to comply with the regulations of railway and road transportation issued by Chinese government concerning hazardous cargo. 7. Shipping: By air and by sea are available. We have professional and experienced shipping channels of export, so that can provide you high efficient delivery.
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