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Fin Type Aluminum Tube Refrigerator Evaporator with ROHS Certificate

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aluminium tube diameter: 8mm(inner grooved/smooth tube)
aluminium tube wall thickness: 0.75mm,0.8mm,1mm
aluminium fin thickness: 0.15mm
aluminium fin width: 27mm
aluminium fin height: 1.5mm
aluminium sheet thickness: 0.8mm,1mm,1.2mm
holes pitch: 25mm
heater diameter: 6.35mm
product length: 270-450mm
outlet can according to your need,can add accumuator and thermostat
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  • Aluminium Fin Type Fridge Evaporator
  • For refrigerator, freezer, showcase, display cabin
  • Al tube:OD 8mm, wall thickness:0.6-1.0mm
  • (1)pull and expanded type (2)slant inserting type
  • Surface treated with powder coating to prevent cor
  • Rohs
  • ouver fin,flat fin, corrugated
  • OEM Aluminum Fin Evaporator
  • RTK-008
  • 8418999990
Product Description

Raw material:

A) Normal Al tube: Phi 8mm,Thickness 0.7-1.2mm

B) Al foil thickness:0.14-0.17mm


Used in three open door,multi doors and side by side etc High-end refrigerators, freezers.


Can be customized


Slant insert type


For refrigerator, freezer,greenhouse heat exchange, display case

Key progress:

Prepare the material→starving tube and shaping→inserting fins and enlarging tube→ leakage test→keeping pressure→packing

Make aluminum fins

Bend the tube by automatic tube bend machine

Expand the two months of pipe

Shape the tube with 30 degree and fold into required rows

Flatten the bend

Assemble the fins and assemble the end plate

Bend the outlet and inlet tubes

Put on the joint,fill the Nitrogen gas to take the leakage text

Take leakage text

If need painting, go through into the painting tank.

Cleanliness and oxidation

Take off the rubber hat, dry evaporators by putting into the drying tunnel.

Put on the shrink tube,check the diameter of teo months of the tube and fill the Nigtrogen gas,Also put on the labels and keep pressure.

Packaged in carton, or wooden box if required.


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